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It was a dark, cold, and rainy late night in Detroit, and the rain didn’t seem to let up. I was horny as hell tonight but I didn’t want to leave. I took a long hot shower and tried to forget about my “problem”, but that didn’t seem to work.

I dried of and checked myself out in a mirror, which is something I don’t usually do but I wasn’t a bad looking brotha. I am 5ft. 11 inches dark chocolate complexion, with short curly black hair, thick juicy round ass, medium built with nice developed abs and long, strong, smooth legs that I got from running track back in high school.

Its not easy being alone, especially when you have “needs.” Sexual needs, oh and other things too. My hand has been a good friend to me lately but for real, I want the real thing.

My fingers don’t reach deep enough inside me to scratch the itch that burns in side me. After I put my robe on, I went to my living room and turned the fireplace on and played some soft jazz music, hope fully that would help.

As soon as my dick was going down, I hear a knock at the front door. “Now who the hell could that be knockin’ on my door at fuckin’ 11 o’ clock.”

I walked to the door and looked through the peephole and was shocked to see Antonio Cortez, a guy I was feening over from high school. “What was he doing here.” I said to my self.

I opened the door and he was soaked in rainwater. “Hi sorry to bother you this late at night but my car broke down right front of your house, could I use your phone?” “Sure you can, my phone is over there” as I pointed. I let him in and closed the door. “Here let me give you a towel you must be cold.” I said. “Thanks sir, Hopefully this wont take long.”

I walked to the bathroom and got a few towels and started thinking about my past years with him. He has definitely grown a lot from those years and not only in height but more masculine also. He was always in my classes and he always sat in front of me.

He was so shy and cute his voice wasn’t that deep back and he was skinny. When I tried to talk to him he would always look down at his shoes then back up to my eyes smiling with the beautiful white teeth. His eyes always twinkled when he smiled and that’s what I loved about him. Along with his nice personality and that sexy Latin accent.

I walked back in the room to only find his jacket and sweater on the floor and jeans around his knees, (boxers still on unfortunately) and talking on the phone. My dick immediately sprung up and out of my robe and I quickly ran back into the bathroom.

Damn I’m so glad he was turned the other way. I guess all those years of being on the football team finally paid off cause he was looking damn good. Those arms and his back were thick and muscular and his thighs were huge.

My dick was still hard so I had to think nasty thoughts in order for it to go down. I grabbed the towels again and walked back in the room, this time keeping the robe tied tightly around me.

I heard him say bye and he looked disappointed. “What happened?” I said giving him the towels. “Well, the Repair shop is an hour away and…. It’s closed.” He said looking down then looking back up at me with those innocent eyes.

(Yeah he still had that shy attitude) “It wont be open till tomorrow morning.” He said back down again. Man how the hell did I get so lucky? It was fate that this Latino prince was even in my living room, hopefully my bedroom soon.

“Well I guess you could stay here tonight, it wont be any trouble.” I said. “Thank you, I could sleep on the couch if that’s ok.” It’s actually a pullout bed, here let Picture upload me give you some sheets.” Damn what was I thinking? He should be sleeping with me, not on the fuckin’ couch bed!

I went up to the closet and pulled out some bed sheets I found an extra robe tucked in side. As he was pullout the bed, I looked his nice physique moving fluidly in slow motion, turning me again.

This time I could control myself and went over to help him. He dried his hair out and his muscles glistened and contracted and I had to look away or I would of just raped him right there. I gave him the robe and I finally asked, ” You don’t remember me do you?” He looked at me for about for a minute and smiled.

“Yes I remember your face, but I’m terrible with names.” “James Campbell” I said to him, smiling back. “Oh yeah I do remember you. You sat behind me in English class…” “… And Science and Math and History.” I said interrupting him. “How did that happen?” He asked puzzled “Our seat arrangement was done by or last names so Campbell and Cortez…”

“Oh I see. I never thought I see you again, and never thought we would met up in your house, like this at least.” He said looking down at the robe.

We laughed and got to know each other a little more. It just so happened that he was single and searching for “the one”.

He looked to be 6ft 2 inches, not skinny anymore but a muscular Latino Adonis that I’ve seen from porno movies. His lips have gotten bigger and juicier and his teeth are no longer crooked but straight.

He looked down at his watch and told me it was 1 AM and he should go to bed cause of the car repairs. I didn’t want to leave this fine ass Latino stud in this room by himself. I needed to feel him on top of me kissing… licking… sucking … molesting every part of my body.

His dick had to be big and I know he would love my thick horny ass. I asked him if he needed anything before I went to bed and he said no and he thanked me for everything I’ve done for him. I touched his shoulder and said your welcome and walked to my room.

Chapter 2

I wasn’t sleeping really well at all, I was really horny and I kept thinking about Antonio’s gorgeous body. I was just about to get up and “release some tension” when I all of sudden I felt my bedroom door creek open. I stayed still, dick slowly going down and I felt the bed suddenly go down. Since I was facing the other way, I opened my eyes looking at the mirror next to me.

It was Antonio I didn’t know if he was sleepwalking or what but I started to feel real nervous. He laid there for a while and then I felt his mouth up against my ear whispering, “James…you awake?” I stayed still pretending to be sleep.

He moved his hands up on my back and he started to shake me. I still wouldn’t budge. His hands slowly went down to my ass feeling and grabbing it. I could feel his eyes staring at the back of my neck. He got closer to me and I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. I could feel my dick starting to stir again and his hands felt great on my booty, I knew he was enjoying that.

He started messaging and caressing my ass making me moan in my “sleep”. His breath was rapidly blowing on my neck, I moved my ass closer to him and he lightly slapped my ass. I moaned and unexpectedly I felt his wet finger probing my ass hole. I felt him moan and whisper in my ear saying that my ass was tight.

I felt him remove his finger and rub his hands down my hips and legs messaging my body, making me relaxed. This time I felt something different on my ass images upload and yes it was his dick. It was rock hard and dripping precum all over my crack with his hands I could feel his hands rubbing his juices all over my ass.

I could feel his dick trying to search for my opening, grinding and trying to spread me open. His breath was getting heavier and then I felt his hot wet tongue licking my ear. I couldn’t take it anymore it was time to let him know that I was awake and enjoying every minute of this pleasurable experience.

I turned my head and grabbed his head with my hand forcefully kissing him. Startled by this he tried to pull away but I gripped tighter on his neck and finally gave in.

He moaned and I felt his tongue enter my mouth and I sucked it like a dick but instead of feeling precum it was his saliva. His hands rubbing all over my body and mine doing the same to him. Our bodies pressed together feeling the heat and sweatiness of each other creating a fire. I reached down and grabbed his dick and just like I expected, it was huge.

He was leaking a river of precum all over my hands and my torso. This fine Latin hunk was mine; all mine and he can’t and wont get away from me. (Yeah I’m crazy but you would if you were in my situation.)

We finally broke our kiss out of breath and he said. ” Man I knew you were hot for me, the first time we sat by each other in class, I knew I would be hittin’ this, I didn’t think it would take four years to do it though.” I laughed and kissed him again and he rolled on top me, still grinding his body up against me.

Man this dude was making me hotter than hell. The devil himself probably couldn’t stand the heat we were in. I reached down and grabbed his dick again and said.

“Now that you got me, what do you want to do first?” He licked his lips and said, “You can start by suckin’ me off, then I’m gonna hit that ass cuz I know you need it.” Damn were has he been all my life?? He rolled off me and this time I was licking his neck, down to hard nipples, to his cut abs, and finally to that huge dick waiting for attention.

His dick had to be at least 9 ½ inches long thick like a fuckin’ bottle. The thick mushroom head was lighter in color then the shaft was. The shaft was darker then the rest of his body and the veins bulged and crisscrossed all over it. His balls were nice and hairy and I know filled with hot cum.

I lifted them with my left hand and squeezed them and I grabbed his dick with my right pumping more hot precum out. You would of thought this guy was cumming from the amount he was pouring out. I could feel my mouth salivating, I licked around the head and sucked the precum from it, licking around the head then engulfing the entire head, in my mouth sucking like a straw for my juice.

“Oh shit man suck my dick, yeah that’s it suck it good like that” He moaned in his sexy voice. I went deeper on his dick and felt it hit the back my throat. Damn I still I got a couple of inches to go. Since this wasn’t my first time sucking a dick I knew how to relax my throat so he could feed it all to me. All of it was finally down and he moaned loud like he was crying in pain.

I sucked him good and hard working my throat around his hot Latino dick. He grabbed my head and forced my head all the way down and all the way up, not and inch was left out of my mouth. “That’s it baby take all my big Latin dick down your fuckin’ throat, oh yeah you’ve got it all. Get it wet for your ass.”

I was so turned on by this point I didn’t care what he did to me. He could of called my parents up and told them everything I was doing to him right now and I wouldn’t give a damn. I didn’t want him to cum yet so I let him slide from my mouth and rolled over on back. He got on top of me and kissed and licked my body, I was in ecstasy and didn’t want it to go away.

He finally went down to my 8 inches and swallowed every inch with no problem. This shy boy wasn’t as shy as I thought he was, he was slut like I was. I could imagine him sucking a group of guys going all the way down on them and taking all of them in his ass.

He worked me like a pro using his tongue all over my dick and moaning on it like a vibrator, making me feel the vibrations. He went down to my balls and sucked them both in his mouth, which know ones ever done before. I screamed and like a virgin cheerleader getting fucked for the first time. (Yeah I was a wild one).

He went down lower lifting my legs and spreading my ass. I spread my legs open into a “V” shaped. “Damn this ass is beautiful, it looks damn tight. You think you handle this?” he asked. “I’ve takin’ bigger” I said lying threw my teeth. I only had three dicks in my ass but all three were much smaller then his huge 9 inch sausage.

He smiled and started fingering my ass with two fingers moaning and groaning was all I could do. “Yeah baby moan for me.” He said looking up at me with those devilish/ sexy looking eyes. He added three fingers in no time I could feel my ass opening up even more to his wet fingers.

“Damn its time to tap that ass. You ready for it baby? You want me to fuck you good and hard with fuckin’ dick?” he said pulling out his fingers, now moving up between my legs.

“Yeah, Antonio fuck my ass. I’m so fuckin horny for the Latin dick.” “Yeah that’s what I want to here. Call me Papi for now on.” He said. Damn that really pushed my buttons. I was starting to fall for this man, my prince, now my papi! If I didn’t have him inside me, I was going to explode. That itch inside was burning deeper inside and now I was starting to beg.

“Oh please Papi fuck me hard, I want it, I mean I NEED it in my ass. Give it to me.” I said. “You want Papi’s dick? Well here it comes.” I felt the head of his dick penetrate inside me and I moaned. He gave me more and more until I felt his pubes against my ass. I was grinding on his dick, feeling the itch going away.

” Damn this ass is so tight!! You want me to fuck your black ass hard? Tell me baby I wanna hear you.” He yelled. (Damn that shy boy attitude was completely gone out the window) “Yeah Papi give it to me, fuck me hard!” we were all shouting at this point. Not caring if the neighbors could hear. If they wanted they could watch.

As soon as I stopped talking he gave my ass what it wanted since high school, a hard fucking from the Latino stud of my dreams. I know for sure I was going to be sore for a week He yelled obscenities and called me all sorts of dirty names, degrading me but I didn’t care. He was giving me what I needed and that’s all that mattered.

Then I felt his dick expanding inside of me. “Oh shit baby I’m gonna cum. You want Papi’s cum up your ass? Huh tell me boy!” he said demanding. “Yeah Papi cum inside me, give it to me, shoot it all over me!” I yelled. That was it for him, and he exploded deep inside moaning so loud that the neighbors definitely know what’s going on.

We laid there together still connected, sweaty and sex funky, I looked at the clock and it was 4:30AM. So much for going to sleep early, I rolled off him and he held me in his arms and we fell asleep.

Well he did call the repairman that morning and he came with 10 minutes…. (Hmmm so much for it being an hour away) and now we are planning a future together. I will never forget my hot night with Antonio.

(To Be Continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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