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“Guys, what do you want from the cafeteria? I figured Josh and I could just grab something and we’ll meet you outside. You know, since we finally have some sun and all?”

Marianne asked, while darting her eyes back and forth between Tina and I.?I thought about it for a couple seconds, and came to the conclusion that I just wanted a coffee. I had next to no appetite seeing as our next exam was just a couple days away. ?

“I think I’ll take a coffee as well”

Tina spouted as Marianne and Josh walked away. I looked over at Tina and noticed she was very much in her own thoughts. I was hesitant about disturbing her daydreaming, but after a couple seconds of silence I did just that.?

“It’s.. Well, I don’t know..”

She murmured under her breath. Tina has been my friend since we were in kindergarten. Back then I remember I found her oh so beautiful, and there’s no denying she still is a sight for sore eyes. I rushingly reassured her that if there’s anything I could help with, she just has to ask me. Because that is the truth, I’d do anything for her comfort and well-being.??

She stood up from her chair and asked me if I’d follow her down to the bathroom. I said sure, and packed my bags while she walked to the door. The walk there was more awkward then normal, and I could feel that there was something she had on her mind. As we approached the bathroom, she muttered something about there being a guy she liked, and that she wanted to give him a special evening. Even Esenyurt Escort though she is my best friend, I have from time to time fantasized about.. various sexual activities with her. But I’ve figured that’s just normal. I just want the best for her, I just want her to be happy.??

As these thoughts fly around in my head, I briefly hear her say the “blowjob”. I freeze and try to get a grasp of the situation. Tina turns around to me and grabs the right hand of my sweater.?”I’m sorry.. I’m so stupid, sorry!” She spouted and turned to the side. Her autumn-colored curls covered her face as she started to blush. And then it dawned on me. She just asked me if she could use me, her best friend, to give a practice blowjob. I felt my heart skip a beat as I tried to process her request. It took me but a few seconds to answer as honestly as I’ve ever been with her:


She looked back at me, and urged me to come with her into the bathroom. Despite the handful number of mirrors, we had yet to make eye contact as she slid down on her knees in front of me. It took every fiber in my body to not breathe heavily and beg for it. She rested her palms on my crotch as she unbuttoned my jeans. My member was already halfway to the top the second she slid down on her knees, so I knew for a fact that she was very much aware of it being right there in front of her. As I’m almost shivering from the lust of her lips, she slides my boxers down.

??I let out a deep sigh Esenyurt Escort bayan as my member sprung out and pointed at her. I saw her confidence rise at the same level a part of me had, and she looked into my eyes with a sly smile. She slowly worked her hands around my penis, sort of feeling her way around a house like blind people do in the movies. If it wasn’t clear to me before, it certainly was now, that she was indeed as inexperienced as I was. As these thoughts run around my head I feel a comfortable warmth on the head of my penis, only to look down on her having her lips hugging the base of my head with slight confidence. I believe I at this point melted in presence. She now had complete and utter control of me, and the only thing I could do was to stand here and receive the oh-so heavenly gift.??

I couldn’t help but make some sound, but I tried my very best to silence myself. As I started to vocalize from her actions, I could feel her confidence level up. She started to slowly rock back and forth, and at that moment I could swear I grew another twenty percent down there. I felt so hard I almost started to fear for her well-being. Each time she rocked back and forth, she tried to go a little deeper every time. The image of her engulfing over half my staff over and over again gave me no option but to start getting close.

“I… ah… Tina, I’m getting close!”

I said, looking halfway up at the roof as if that could give me the confirmation Escort esenyurt that I indeed was in heaven.??

I saw her expression as she came to the conclusion that my semen has to… go somewhere. Just a second later, she looked down again and started going faster. In that moment I understood she was okay with me emptying myself in her mouth, and I did just that. I felt the tickling rush leave my body like never before, and as I came she opened her mouth and started to use her tongue under the shaft of my penis. I nearly blacked out as I saw my cock surrounded by her beautiful face and a tongue that danced at the base of my member.??

My legs shook and I slid down from the wall. She held my penis with her left hand as she lifted her head up and swallowed whatever was left in her mouth. I was breathless, and I could not for the life of me give her a reaction as she stared back at me while slowly bobbing her hand up and down my wood. After about felt like five seconds, she stood up and went over to the sink to wash her face. All I wanted was to stand up and show my appreciation somehow, but the only thing I could muster was to slouch at the wall with my half-erect penis. I must have looked marvelous in that pose.??

“C’mon, let’s go out and meet the others!”

Tina said while fixing her hair. She was so beautiful where she stood, and I felt lucky. She may or may not be my girl, but after this I think it’s safe to say she cares about me. A lot. She grabbed her bag and moved to the door, only to turn around and ask me: “So, you coming or not?” ?I smiled back at her and said I’ll be out shortly. As I met up with them outside, Josh handed me the cup of coffee and said

“Here you go, buddy.”?

The coffee was getting cold.

?I don’t mind cold coffee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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