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Your eyes scan the landscape of my exhausted face, as you finish savoring the spoils of the efforts on your college girl. I am your girl, your cheerleader, your “Little Bit.” And I have selected you to teach me how to feel pleasure. And OH! What a job you are doing! I am pleased with my selection.

“Squeamish?” you ask. “Huh?” I’m puzzled. You smile, as you stand, with your face still glistening. Then licking your lips, you dart out of the room.

“I wonder what he meant by that?” I think to myself, as I continue to catch my breath.

I must have passed out, because I’m startled awake by you standing next to me, watching me. “You’re so beautiful,” you say, as you sit on the chair you’ve dragged around. You stroke my hair and I turn my face to kiss your palm.

With stars in our eyes, we gaze at each other. Our sight then wanders to the bodies we are about to entangle. Your hand follows and rests on my right breast, thumbing the nipple through the fabric. I breathe in sharply, an affirmation of my sensitivity. You smile at me again and go back to playing.

I dizzily sit up, on the side of the table, with my legs hanging over, onto your chair. You have better reach now and you share your attention with both of my breasts. “Oh , I love this,” I say as you run light circles around my nipples. You pinch and tweak and make me squirm and wriggle for you on the table.

You press your mouth to mine, lazily. I soak in the feeling of your warm lips on mine before kissing and sucking at yours. It’s almost submission, on your part, as you let me slide my tongue past your lips. You accept, greedily sucking at my probing request. This is the one thing that you know I’m a little slut for. As innocent as I am in other areas, my mouth has been sucked and kissed by half the football team. You know! You hear them talk in the locker room. But they’ve never had attention like this!

Boys are young and greedy, only seeking to get themselves off. You, my sweet Coach, are not like them. You want to please me, to teach me how I should be treated. And oh, how we are enjoying the lessons! Your moan is almost a whine of passion as you lean into my kisses, deep and wet, sweet, and hot. “Gawd, I can’t get enough!” I exclaim, before I sit up and swing my legs around.

I face you, on your lap, again. It’s a marvel how small I look in your big hands. You slowly extend your tongue in a point and flick the nipple stretching out through the fabric. With one swift pass of the thumb, you slide my bra aside and bare my nipple, hard and ready. And after teasing them in turn with your hands, you return your mouth to them, and reach your hands around back to undo the clasp. I shimmy the straps off my shoulders, making my tits bounce for you, and toss the lingerie to the side. I have one piece of clothing left, which is probably stained by now. And YOU’RE overdressed!

My cheerleader skirt covers my butt, yet your hands seem to find it alright, grabbing yourself two meaty handfuls! You massage and exclaim, “I have been dreaming of getting my hands on this fine ass for ages!” I press back into your clutches, “and here it is!”

I attack your mouth, again, showing you I can give as good as I get! I’ve daydreamed away our night games, wondering what kind of lover you would be. And darlin’ you do NOT disappoint! Our tongues dart in and out, around each other. Sucking and licking, we devour each other’s mouths. I suck in your bottom lip and you return the heat by nibbling on mine.

I tear myself away from our kiss and you stare at my nipples rising and falling, as we catch our breath. “Stand up,” I say as you catch me in the eye. You raise your eyebrow, so I repeat myself. “Stand up, I mean it, stand up!” I smirk into one of those half smiles. I bounce off your lap and you do as I requested.

I look up at you, as I slide your shirt back. Then I kiss your chest and reach my mouth to your nipple. “Agh! My Avcılar Escort nipples aren’t usually that sensitive. What are you doing to me, little one?” I give a naughty little giggle and lightly bite the other, making you squirm, while I undo your belt buckle.

Sliding down with them, I guide your pants slowly to your ankles. I look up at you, all doe eyed, and innocent; as I reach for the cock head that’s now peeking out the front of your boxers. “Oh,” you call out, staring down, into my eyes with an expression of pleasure-pain. You want me so bad it hurts…but I am here to comfort you.

I push the head back in and slide your boxers down, and guide you to step out of these clothing restraints around your ankles. “Sit.” “Yes, Ma’am,” you tease, as your bare ass hits the leather chair. I lay my head on your thigh, just looking at your solid penis saluting before me. Intrigued, you start, “What are you…” “SHhh, I’m studying,” I inform. You laugh at me as I continue my research..

Beginning with light one fingered touches, like a child poking at a discovery in the woods, I study the movements of your reaction to my attention. You glean that I have not played with a cock, so up close, before. My eyes are wide and gleaming at the twitches I am causing. I run the back of my hand over the soft skin of your shaft. Then the palm, “so soft,” I coo. Then I cup my hand tight and watch your face, as I sink your head into the gripping fist. “OH!” Your exclamation of pleasure urges me on.

I giggle and let go, looking at you. Your raised brow begs for more attention. Taking my middle finger and tracing tiny circles around the opening on your crown, I’m playing in the liquid that is bubbling up to the surface. Cupping your sac in my hand, I marvel at feeling the weight and playing with the balls inside. I stroke you slowly, crown to stem and back up again. Your tension mounts as I get my face closer.

I kiss your shaft and you moan, placing your hand on my head. Again, I kiss, and you stroke my hair, with your sharp inhale. I kiss the head before taking it into my mouth and letting you roll over my tongue and hit the roof of my mouth. “OH,” you shudder, feeling this wet appetizer envelop you. You grip my hair and release it gently with each rise and fall of my mouth.

“God I want to f…” You stop yourself looking into my innocent eyes as I impale my mouth on your cock. You watch these baby blues roll back into my head as my little moans and gags vibrate your prick.

You stand, with me still kissing and sucking on your head, greedily reaching and groping from my knees. Your cock slips out of my mouth, scraping you against my teeth on the way out, causing your knees to shudder at the sensation. You steady yourself with a hand on my shoulder. Then, offering your hands to me, you guide me up. Lifting me up to you with a guttural roar; I wrap my legs around your waist. “Ooh!” I exclaim, as I feel your prick tease me below. Your big hand insists my head toward yours. Then grunting as you plunge your tongue into my mouth, you carry me out of the office.

We make out as we go down the hallway, bumping into walls and stopping to lose our breath in each others gaping, frenzied, mouths.

You place me swiftly and gently upon the down-turned covers. I slip my legs underneath before I realize I still have my skirt on! I stand on the bed and say, “Something still needs to come off,” with my hand on my hip and fingers tapping impatiently. Sticking your head under the front of the skirt, you make me laugh by joking, “what are you talking about, Little Bit? I don’t see anything under here!” You playfully nibble at my muff before fumbling for the zipper and dropping my skirt. I kick it off the bed, and bounce down onto my ass and am ready to begin.

You now look stern, as you crawl towards me on the bed. I giggle a nervous laugh as you lean in for a kiss.

“You ok?” It’s Avcılar Escort bayan sweet how you take care of me, even in the heat of lust.


“You sure?” You ask with a raised eyebrow.


“We don’t have to go through with this, if you’re not ready.”

Looking down at your big, hard cock, “I want to. I want you. I want you to be my first, I just heard that it hurt, and…”

“Ah, ok. We’ll take it slow and go at your pace, ok? Want to be on top so you can control it?”

“No. I want to feel you. I want to feel your body on top of mine. I’m ready. Just nervous. But I’m ready, I mean it. I want you.”

And with that, your concern is satisfied and you lean in to kiss me again, and pull me over onto your lap by my ass. How I love kissing you! I place my delicate little hands on either side of your head and lean into your face as I kiss you, passionately confirming my ready desire.

You already know. You can feel my wetness dripping onto your dick as I straddle your hips with my legs. Flexing your penis, you graze my labia with the pulsing tip. “Mmmm,” I grind into you more.

Rolling us over, you stretch up on your arms and gaze into my eyes with one final confirming glance. I nod with a wide grin. You make me feel warm inside. My chest, echoing yours, rising and falling with my hastening breath, announces the urgency with which I want you to take me.

Kneeling between my legs, you direct the head of your penis up and down my pussy, teasing me. A sharp breath announces the tingles, you give me, every time you stroke past my clit. Our juices mingle as you tease, by resting your head just at the opening. “Oh,” I cry out. “Is this what you want?” “Yes. Oh yes, Coach.” You tear open a condom and swiftly cover your shaft, placing yourself in position.

“Oh…OH…MMMmm.” Kissing my mouth, you swallow my ever changing moans, as you gently press your head into my virgin orifice. You pause, just inside my opening, hearing me hyperventilate. I am so tight and wet around your head; your excitement is hardly bearable!

Rising up on your elbows, you’re watching my face contort and relax, as I’m recovering from the pain and feeling it turn into pleasure. You stroke the sides of my face, and play with my hair to comfort me. Then your sweet little kisses on my forehead, eyes, cheeks, and my full little lips, make me coo for you. We share a knowing smile, happy to be in this moment.

I rock my pelvis, indicating my want for more. Pressing further in, we let out a simultaneous, breathy, “Ohhhh…” Push. Rest. Push. Rest. You inch yourself half way into my tightness and pause to feel my young vagina squeezing your shaft. “You look so happy,” I notice. “I am, sweetheart. Oh, God I am happy.” With that, we share a long, deep, passionately loving kiss.

I moan into your mouth and shudder as you begin to withdraw. Smiling, you begin your gentle decent back into my vagina. Deeper this time, I arch my back and bare my neck to you as I cry out. You nibble and suck at my neck as you back out, then plunge deeper inside me. “AAH!” I whimper, “too much, a little too much.” It feels like pain, but then turns into pleasure as you pull out, causing my body to shudder into ecstatic moans!

Now trying slow little strokes, we’re both enjoying the sensation of my pussy clinging to your head, begrudgingly relinquishing grip, only to have you drive back in! “Oh.” “Yeah.” I’m breathing harder with every stroke. You know you have me. You know you’re going to make me cum!

“Oh, Coach. I am so turned on!”

“Good, baby.” You kiss me again.

With that you plunge deeper than ever. Sliding in and out easily, your pubic bone is in just the right place to rub my swollen clit with each pass. I’m moaning and panting with every touch and sensation, so you decide to add more to the mix.

You slide one arm under my back, your Escort avcılar hand cradling the back of my head. You lean your weight on that arm so you can use your other hand to grip and fondle my breasts. You pant in their direction, watching them jiggle with each thrust. Gazing back into my eyes, you pinch a nipple between your thumb and fore finger and watch my pleasure as you twist and tweak it in time with your movements.


The combination of feeling your care for me, and the sensations your attention is causing, is filling my body with heat. I feel your breath on my neck, as you, in turn, kiss it, driving me crazy, and grunt in my ear. It’s so hot to know I turn you on like this! I feel your fingers on my nipple and the weight of your body on mine. And the way it feels to have you bounce off my clit as you fill me up with your swollen cock, is bringing me to the edge!

“Oh, Coach! You make me feel warm inside. It… feels… so… goooooo…,” and with that, the convulsions begin, “OH! AH! AH hih AIE! AIE! UUUNNNNGH” You hold me tight as I seize and shudder my aftershocks into your body and growl more “Oh”s into your ear.

“Oh… Mmmm. Oh, feels so good, having you hold me like… Oh… like this. HMmmm.”

You wipe away the tiniest little tear from the corner of my eye and kiss my mouth softly as I recover. Your member is huge and throbbing inside me now. You feel elated at how you made me cum for you. You are the only man I wanted to make me cum, like this. It felt so good, clenching down on your cock for my first time.

I moan weakly as you slide inside again, still docile from my own orgasm. After several shallow pumps, in and out, in and out, you plunge as far as you will go, ready for me to take it all. Our passionate cries fill the bedroom, enhancing the deepness and urgency of our union. You hold there, inside me, both arms under my back, palms curled over my shoulders. I wrap my arms around your neck, cupping your head, and my legs find their way around your waist. I cling to you, pressing my skin on yours everywhere I can. Oh, my sweet, we couldn’t get any closer if we tried!

My hips are rising up to meet yours and my legs are guiding your ass, to drive you deep inside me. Holding each other tight, we move together rhythmically. Your breath is hot and heavy on my neck and in my mouth, as you kiss me.

Sighs turn into grunts and moans, as your shaft bangs its attack faster into my sloshing pussy. Your thick cock is stretching my tight little twat so wide and deep, it’s almost unbearable. My back arches and I clench your ass as I embrace your plummet. Your silence signals your nearing the edge of your little death. It turns me on so much to know how my body is making you cum. Warmth washes over me as I prepare to enjoy your climax.

“I’m open wide for you. Oh…. Hihh Hmmmm… I want to turn myself inside out to feel you deeper still.” My passionate whisper in your ear sets off a chain reaction of electric pulses in your body, starting a raging orgasm thundering through your core.

“Oh G…” Your muscles tense. “Ngh Hahh… Hihh…” Your hot breath is huffing through your clenched teeth. Then your neck stretches up. Our eyes are still intently locked, then you hesitate. You want to make this moment of you cumming inside your sweet little virgin last as long as possible. But you can’t hold back any longer. “OH! I’m…. CUMMINNNG!” You growl with your final frenzied orgasm. You shoot your load in long, desperate thrusts, with each you’re shuddering more than the last. “OHHHHHH.” You give your essence to me, releasing your seed, as you plunge yourself past my cervix, deep inside of me.

Collapsing in a sweat weighted heap on top of me, I caress you as you come back down to earth. We turn our heads to kiss each other and share a laugh about the juicy mess we made of each other.

“You ok, Little Bit?”

“Mmmmm. Yes. Looks like you had fun too.”

“Oh yeah. Of course I did. Are you kidding? Sweet young thing, giving herself to me like you just did, that’s enough to make any man happy.”

We lay together for an hour, still a tangle of sticky limbs, talking about all the explorations of my young fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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