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Once again my thanks to Jill for her inspiration and help. This is a story about a wife being unfaithful without her husband’s knowledge in an attempt to keep his job. If you don’t like stories like this don’t read it!!


Iain was just turning thirty five, his was a life of academic achievement and it had served him well. In both his personal and professional life everything had gone well. A high achiever at work, in many years working with the same company he was what many would call a ‘nerd’ always into learning more about what made things tick rather than pay attention to anything else, or someone else.

Jillian was a very stunning thirty year old, whom Iain had been married to for eight years. They had a lovely home, five bedrooms all en-suite, three public rooms and a hand crafted kitchen for the entertaining Jillian loved to do. Iain had an impressive salary that meant he and his wife were extremely well off, also having hedged his finances extremely well he had amassed a small fortune that just kept growing, his attention to detail was beyond the careful and bordered on the obsessive in his nerdy way.

For Iain everything seemed perfect, his wife was simply adorable, strikingly beautiful with high cheekbones, full lips and a slender neck that just begged to be caressed and kissed. Iain obliged that need as often as he could, and the thought of the hidden pleasures under her flowing of the shoulder red dress she was wearing tonight accentuated all her beautiful curves. At thirty five she could have passed for at least ten years younger, 5’8″ and 124lbs, she carried her body with her impressive 32D-24-36 figure with an elegance that would not have been amiss in the courtyards of royalty.

If there was anything amiss in his life it was a son, or even a daughter which medically Iain could not provide. However he and Jillian were awaiting fertility treatment as a last gasp opportunity to have a family.

As he sat and watched his gorgeous wife, blond, voluptuous and sexy as hell, almost float around the room, with such gracious ease he felt a deep pride within. Things had not always been this way, and he gave a small shudder as he recalled his “geeky” years as he called them, the ones at college where he had little or no success with girls. He had put that down to his beanpole figure which when in shorts and an athletic top looked like something out of a comedy show.

He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and noticed he still looked lanky, still non-athletic and looked like a good feed wouldn’t go amiss. He had retained his 128lb weight throughout his latter college days and into his present life. Iain was anything but a sexual heavyweight and although proud of his five inch fully erect cock he had found other ways to pleasure his wife, his oral skills for one had been often praised by Jill for taking her on many an orgasmic ride after he had sated his own sexual needs first. Coupled with that they as a couple had made adventurous trips into the anal department that seemed to stir Iain’s libido even further, made his cock feel as if it got bigger than the normal five inches.

Jillian had been the woman he had hope he would meet eventually, indeed far better than he had ever hoped for. She loved him as a caring, sharing and devoted man and husband and had often said she was more than happy with what he had between his legs.

Jillian meanwhile was wandering from group to group chatting, making conversation, catching up on all the gossip and even when others had commented on her still being with Iain she had smiled and said how much of a man he was always loving, helpful and pleasant.

“So what if he’s a bit nerdy.” Jillian had thought to herself “I love him and that’s all that matters!”

Jillian had returned to him briefly, chatted and shared a drink, then she had moved off again as she caught sight of some friends on the other side of the hall. It wasn’t until she was within earshot of Iain’s boss and his group that she caught a snippet of information that made her gasp turning her cold. She moved in closer to try and hear what was being said.

“Yes sir I’ve decided to sell…” she overheard his boss tell this other well-dressed gentleman.

Iain had heard rumours that the company was to be sold; they had needed a refit which was way beyond their means in such a competitive market. But that’s all it was just rumours he had told Jillian. Now here it was straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. She made her way back to her husband ignoring several attempts to waylay her en-route to him.

“It’s true I tell you Iain, they are going to sell I heard your boss admit it to the man standing beside him at the moment!”

Iain looked over and saw a younger man than he had expected, full of confidence, full of self-respect and confident and that was without talking to him.

“What are we going to do?” asked Jillian “We need your salary to keep us in this wonderful life we have become accustomed too? And even if I could get a job I couldn’t make as much as Esenyurt Escort you could I?”

Iain had no idea of the answer to the first question, and the thought of Jillian actually working almost made him laugh, she hadn’t worked outside the family home since they had been married.

“It’ll be okay I’ll sort something out!”

He was already thinking about where he may get work similar when his train of thought was interrupted by his current boss and the now obvious new owner.

“Ah Iain, I’d like you to meet Simon he’s going to be taking over the business and if your prepared to stay on he promises you no change in position or salary for at least a year.” he grinned ” After that who knows promotion, higher salary or the old heave ho eh what!” Laughing at his own joke it might have been funny if Iain hadn’t seen the smug look in his new boss’s face.

Iain looked him up and down as he turned and he and the old owner went around introducing the new owner to all the other members of the company who were present.

Iain watched them go thinking; “I have a good position, great salary, I can get my head down and perhaps get a promotion and higher salary if I really try!”

The rest of the night was spent in an almost trance like state as he watched Simon move round the room, smiling and joking with his co-workers. He stood and thought about Simon, of his mannerisms, his movements his ways. He was without doubt extremely handsome, but then again he was sure as a twenty five year old man there were many as good looking around the room.

He had almost chiselled looks, stern yet warm facial features, and he carried himself with certain eloquence. At a mere five foot eight he looked taller, his clothes did little to hide his athletic frame, and from his bulging chest to powerful forearms he oozed strength and authority.

He was dark skinned, yet not black, more Mediterranean style of man who seemed to be a cross between a street gang member and more educated college athletic type. It was true that Simon certainly had an intimidation feel about him. Iain felt nothing in particular about him even if he was ten years younger and in a position Iain felt he should be by now.

When Ian and Jillian had returned home afterwards the whole of that weekend had been spent talking about the possible changes and what they could mean for them.

On that very first day Simon had called everyone in one after the other, some had left heads hung and were never seen again. Others came out shell shocked but still had their jobs or at least a job. When it was his turn, Iain walked into the office as positively as he could or indeed dared. He had sat Iain down in his office then laid down the law!

“Listen! I’m going to tell you the same as all the other staff; I’m here to make a difference”.

He began. “This Company is dying and unless we all sing from the same sheet it will still die.” He continued “fools ran this company into the ground Iain… however we’re gonna’ fix it!” He spoke deliberately and loudly.

“As for you well I know you are a smart man so you keep your job, it’s on a year’s review if at the end I don’t like what I see you’re gone! May sound harsh but that’s the way I work, I have three other companies who all went through the same and they are profitable so the rewards are there. If you succeed then you will be promoted to management with shares and a permanent position on the executive! Fail and you’re out no messing get my drift?”

Iain was trying to take it all in but at least he still had his job he stammered “Yes Sir I understand and thank you…!”

“Save your bleating and get back to work!” he yelled.

Iain got up and left his face void of any colour apart from ashen.

The next few weeks were hard but he had the brain and was good at what he did so he wasn’t the target of less fortunate who received much lambasting and on other occasions staff members were fired.

The only good thing was the company had organised a night out where all staff including new members were invited to a dinner dance and he and Jillian were looking forward to it immensely. Unbeknown to Iain this is where everything was about to take a turn of events that would change his and Jillian’s life forever.

From the moment that Simon, Iain’s boss had laid eyes on Jillian he had felt his cock give a twitch, his mind made u almost instantly to have her for his own plaything. Being only twenty five he had no wish or intention of settling down not so long as there was a plentiful supply of willing or semi willing pussy out there. He had however set his mind on delivering a serious pussy pounding to Iain’s wife Jillian, so that was how he set out the plan.

He had decided to host a get together party at his home for all senior staff and Iain and Jillian were top of the list, he had lined up his prey now to land it and then keep it until he was satisfied, fed up or found someone else. Simon loved this challenge the chase, the inevitable catch and the pleasure he derived Esenyurt Escort bayan from fucking another man’s wife. When he had first seen Jillian he had quickly summed up she wasn’t one to cheat on her husband but that’s why he loved the challenge and he was sure it would work as it had on many other occasions.

It all began well into the night at the dance Simon had watched, waited and prowled almost like a big cat stalking its prey. He watched as Iain became drunk on the free champagne and then when his wife was alone and Iain was watching he made his move, intentional, deliberate and yet very effective. He walked up behind Jillian and patted her ass, gripping it firmly as she took a shocked expression and began mumbling

“Oh Simon what are you doing?”

“Just a bit of party banter Jillian nothing more!”

However Iain seeing his wife was being goosed by his younger boss had just enough Dutch courage to walk over and demand what was going on. The party fell silent as the two men faced each other.

“What do you think you are doing Simon?” Yelled Iain, all fear of his boss gone momentarily.

“Calm down Iain I was just being friendly!”

“I don’t think your actions were appropriate I ought to punch you! You pervert!” with that last phrase Iain swung a punch at his boss connecting on his nose bursting it. Simon staggered back before coming at Iain and landing several severe punches on his face and body, before Iain knew what was happening. Jillian tried to step in and stop her husband receiving a sound beating but it was already too late.

“Get out of my house NOW!” he ordered the bloodied and drunk Iain. Jillian apologised over and over as she left alongside her husband. If only she had looked back she would have seen Simon smirking as he mentally ticked off part one of his plan to bed her.

The next morning Iain was still laid out in bed, unfit and unwilling to go to work or face the wrath of Simon.

Jillian yelled at him to get up and sort it out like a man instead of the childish actions he had portrayed last night. Iain however was too embarrassed and in too much pain to make any effort to make amends for attacking his boss, probably ex boss now.

The phone rang around lunchtime and Iain heard Jillian answer it, it was obvious it was Simon from the way he heard Jillian become very polite and soft spoken. The call lasted several minutes and when he heard Jillian say; “Sure that will not be a problem Simon, I will see you then!”

Iain knew the call was over but had no idea of what was going on, Jillian didn’t come straight in but left it till she brought him some soup for lunch to inform him of the conversation.

Simon has asked me out for a meal to discuss your future, he says he was sorry for giving you cause to have a go at him and that it was inappropriate but he is angry that you took a swing at him in front of his guests and other staff members. However he hasn’t decided to fire you as he has every right to do! I just hope I can make him see this was a misunderstanding on your part and perhaps save your job, even career so no whining when I go out later I’m doing this for you!”

With that she left the room as Iain sat open mouthed unable to move without pain. Later that day as Jillian moved to prepare herself for her meeting with Simon Iain was still laid up in bed feeling sorry for himself, as he watched his gorgeous wife get ready to go out and try to save his job.

Jillian took time and care over her preparations, knowing she wanted to make a good impression on Simon. She flounced around in a pair of matching red bra and panties that had Iain wishing she was getting ready for him. She selected a red off the shoulder dress, pink stockings, suspender and matching red stilettos. Once she was ready she kissed his forehead, said; “see you later darling!”And then she was gone.

Iain had the vision of how hot she looked imbedded on his mind. Her large tits were pushed up and almost bursting out of the dress. His cock had been throbbing at the sight of her as she left, so much so he had to relieve himself by hand. It only took a few strokes and he felt his balls tighten and the cum shot up his shaft and all over his hand. He wiped it on the inside of his pyjama bottoms and fell asleep thinking of her.

Jillian had felt guilty as sin for lying to her husband about the phone call. Simon had indeed offered to keep Iain his job but only if she slept with him so Half hour after leaving her husband she was sat on the edge of a plush hotel room bed. Simon walked towards her a glass of champagne in each hand and offered her one;

“To the victor the spoils” he gloated. He popped a blue pill into his mouth and took sip of champagne to wash it down. The Viagra would ensure he performed even better than normal and would allow him several good hard fuckings of this sweet young thing.

“You look so fucking sexy, so fuckin hot! I bet you are going to love my big fucking cock!” Simon said to her.

Jillian realised he was Escort esenyurt cocky, conceded, extremely confident and was not lacking in belief of what they were about to do. Just as she took another swallow of courage Simon dropped his trousers and there it was a slab of man meat that she had only ever previously imagined. Even as she gazed aghast, semi erect and pulsing, throbbing like a snake it grew as she watched it her mouth hung open in awe at the size of it. Now reaching up towards his naval, it must be at least nine inches and uncut. His foreskin pulled taut around his glans which shone in the light, like a purple plum sized golf ball.

Moving forward he grabbed her by the arms and pushed her against the wall, whispering into her ear that he was going to use her like his personal slut. Simon reached up and started to pull the dress zipper down her back. Jillian wrapped her arms around his neck and started to kiss him. Why she felt so suddenly wanton she didn’t know but it seemed like a good idea at that moment. Not even a second thought about her husband just a lusting to be fucked hard.

Her dress slipped down revealing her large tits, Simon switched his hands to start rubbing and squeezing on them, flicking her already hardening nipples with his thumbs. It had only been a few minutes but Jillian and Simon were already well into their lust fuelled feelings. Jillian began to squirm under his touch and soft moans and groans were already coming from well down inside her.

Jillian then felt his hand grope around under her dress until she felt his hand begin to rub her pussy through her knickers. Then she felt him push the thin fabric to the side and insert one of his fingers into her pussy which was by now almost running with fluids.

“Oh god Simon FUCK ME!”She squealed.

Simon moaned “not just yet my slut” and continued to ram his finger deep inside her wiggling it around inside her driving her wild. Jillian was well aware now that she was going to get the fucking of her life come what may as this young man forced his finger further and further inside her until one then two more joined the initial one. She was getting a bloody good finger fucking and her breathing was already becoming ragged and fast.

Jillian began to moan with pleasure, her eyes began fluttering and she could feel his fingers slide in and out fluently meeting no resistance whatsoever. Simon was by now sucking on her nipples alternating between each one after several hard sucks on each.

Jillian then felt him remove his fingers, before offering them to her to suck on which she did without thinking about where they had just been. Simon was now fumbling with her dress; Jillian felt the tip of his cock nudge against her pussy and wrapped her legs around his back. Simon pushed her hard against the wall, and gave her several hard thrusts of his hips gaining penetration as he did so into her wet, dripping pussy, with his engorged cock. Jillian moaned out;

“Oh my God Oh my God!” her head resting on his shoulder as her body moved awkwardly with his thrusts.

Jillian had also long forgotten her marriage vows, and loved what Simon was doing to her with his cock. He then pulled out grabbed her by the waist and turned her to face the wall.

“Put your hands against the wall slut and push that ass out towards me now!” Jillian complied desperate to feel that wonderful cock back inside her aching pussy. Never before had she felt so excited, so filled with animalistic urge just to fuck than she was now. She cried out again loudly as he penetrated her from behind filling her pussy, stretching it deeper than she had experienced ever before. Simon fucked her like that for several minutes until once again he pulled out but still allowed his shaft to rub against her engorged stiff clit, making her whimper with lust and desire.

“Right enough foreplay, get yourself on the bed and spread your legs wide for me!”

Jillian quickly threw her clothing off and spread out on the bed as requested. She grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up and wide apart revealing her soaking wet slit ready and willing for more of his big cock. Jillian looked at Simon and growled as sexily as she could “Come on big boy fuck this slut’s arse off!”

Simon slid onto the bed between her legs and placed himself between her thighs using a hand to position his huge knob end at her entrance he eased a couple of inches in and held his cock there.

“Well Jill’y baby I know you want it bad! Your fucking pussy is soaking wet, and I am going to fuck you so hard with my big cock, until I hear you beg me to stop!” Said Simon.

He shoved the full nine inches into Jillian, and she moaned loudly; “Oh God! Oh God! Yeeees! Oh my god fuck me baby fuck me pleeeeeease!”

Simon began to fuck her hard, really pounding his cock into her wet cunt. He gave Jillian a really sound fucking for several minutes as Jillian cried out over and over; “Oh God, Oh God! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Jillian could feel her breathing change her stomach was fluttering at the onslaught and she realised she was about to have her first ever cock induced orgasm. “Don’t fucking stop!..Don’t you fucking dare stop!” she yelled, as a wave of pleasure ripped through her. Simon held her tightly as he continued to fuck her with an intensity she had never experienced in her life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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