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A week passed with Steve diligently gathering information on nipple piercing. Much of his research was on the internet. He visited countless sites and saved links to the few he thought Nina might want to see. He also shopped for non-piercing nipple jewelry and bought several items. Wishing to keep any momentum he’d gained on the piercing subject he paid for expedited delivery so that he’d receive his purchases in just a few days.

From his research he concluded that rings were not as easily removable as he’d imagined. In the typical ring more than 95% of the ring was solid and inflexible. A small gap was left so that an end could be forced through the nipple. The gap was then covered by what’s called a captured bead- a sphere with two indentations designed to snap onto the ends of the ring. While the bead was removable and the ring could be slid out of the hole in the nipple it didn’t seem like something the woman would want to do on a daily basis.

Steve concluded that for ease of frequent removal a barbell with a threaded end cap would be the answer. Sliding a straight or gently curved bar through the nipple could be done easily. One could still get some of the effects of a ring by hanging a separate U- shaped piece from the barbell. In addition to the simple U there were countless ornamental shields and chains that could be attached to the bar on both sides of the nipple- hanging down to create whatever artistic image you wanted. In Steve’s mind this would also address Nina’s interest in having the ability to change up her look from day to day. He was confident that the barbell approach addressed the removability and variety concerns but, of course, Nina might not agree.

He also felt the jewelry could be rendered almost invisible by the insertion of pads or soft plastic covers in Nina’s bra but he needed to find a credible article or advertisement to persuade Nina; if the idea came from him she’d probably find a reason to reject it.

The couple had sex once with no particular emphasis on Nina’s nipples or Steve’s piercing proposal. It had been a long day at work for each of them and neither was feeling especially adventurous.

Two days later at dinner Steve suggested they watch a video that he’d downloaded. When Nina inquired about it she was told to wait and see. As he cleared the table Steve suggested that they each get undressed and wear only their silk robes for the movie. Nina smiled at the mood Steve was apparently in and promptly retreated to the bedroom to change. Without discussion Steve opened a bottle of red wine and poured them each a glass. He then quickly removed his clothes and donned his robe.

Nina wasn’t surprised when- just a few minutes into the movie a busty blond actress appeared naked before her mirror. Her D cup tits were crowned by large nipples adorned by gold rings that looked to be about ¾ of an inch in diameter. Her nipples were huge and the rings were of a heavy gauge. The woman was admiring her breasts in the mirror while turning from side to side. By any objective standard her tits were spectacular in their size and shape. The nipples were dramatic- probably too big for many observers but in the platinum class for a lover of nipples.

The actress’s hands then came up under each soft globe- lifting and weighing the sexy masses while she proudly stared at her reflection. She knew how great her chest looked and clearly was pleased. One could only guess she was thinking about how many men she could seduce with her awesome tits.

A naked man came up behind the woman on the screen and embraced her around the waist. He was obviously enjoying the view of her in the mirror as he said, “Your tits look fantastic. I love the rings. Your nipples were great before but having them erect all of the time is even better than I’d imagined.”

The guy’s hands soon came forward and enveloped the woman’s breasts from behind. He weighed her breasts- gently lifting them. From the woman’s body language it seemed that his cock must be pressing into her welcoming ass crack. Their hips seemed married as they ground against each other. Soft moans could be heard from each partner.

After fondling her tits all over the man’s fingers found their way to the woman’s nipple rings. The thumb and forefinger of each hand took hold of its respective ring and gently twisted the nipple while pulling it out from the woman’s body. The woman’s groan and closed eyes reflected her serious arousal. The man told the woman how horny he’d been as her nipples had been healing and how he couldn’t wait to devour her tits now that they were ready. He thanked her for giving him the gift of getting pierced.”

In response she seemed to push her chest out even more. The actress then whispered, “I did it for both of us. I’ve been able to play gently during the healing and have given myself countless climaxes. They’re not just for show.”

Nina stared at the video and was aroused by the scene. The woman’s pleasure and dialogue seemed to have been staged by Steve to make his case for Maltepe Escort piercing. Nina assumed Steve must have watched an awful lot of porn to find something so specifically on point. In a sexy voice she said, “I guess we’re not watching a Disney movie. Where did your perverted mind find this?”

“I have skills,” Steve noted. “A bit of Internet surfing was all that I needed. Nipple piercing is more common than you might think. I skimmed a dozen more subtle videos that merely showed pierced nipples. This one is a little more focused on a recent piercing and how the couple enjoys the result. Can I play with your tits while we watch?”

“I assume if I say yes it will be mutual; I might want to hold onto your cock. If I play with your cock please don’t stain the couch. With that understanding and assuming you’re not hiding a piercing needle anywhere, yes my breasts would welcome some attention.”

Steve’s hand insinuated itself into Nina’s robe and he caressed her left breast as the video continued to show the actress and actor engaging in more dramatic breast play. As Steve toyed gently with Nina’s nipple the actress’ nipples were being stretched out further than seemed possible. The actress seemed wildly aroused and not at all chagrined by the unnatural look of her distended flesh. Nina was fascinated by the scene and found it exciting. She couldn’t imagine her nipples being abused like that but seeing it on screen was hot.

After a minute or so the video shifted to a bedroom and the couple’s sexual play expanded to whole body contact. The actress’s tits still seemed to attract more than their share of attention as the actor’s teeth grabbed one of the nipple rings and toyed with it. When his teeth opened a bit his tongue began a rough game of flipping the ring up and down.

With Steve’s increasingly rough play on her left nipple Nina’s arousal grew and she squirmed against the couch. She unconsciously reached to Steve’s lap and grasped his erect cock through the thin silk of his robe. He gasped in surprise but welcomed her hand- pressing upwards into her grip. In addition to the pleasure her hand was delivering Steve loved the sign of her mindless arousal. He took full credit for bringing her to this point and was eager to bring her off. His fingers squeezed her captive nipple just a little more firmly as he said, “I love your nipples- pierced or not. Cum for me.”

His strong pinch of her nipple and direct reference to her cumming took Nina by surprise. Her excitement peaked and her entire body froze. Every muscle in her lower body seemed to clench at the same instant and her upper body was suspended above the locked foundation of her hips. After a few seconds a major spasm ran through her as she let out a short shriek. Steve relaxed his grip slightly but kept her nipple trapped between his fingers. Nina’s head thrashed from side to side as she gasped, “Stop. Please stop.”

Steve released her nipple and adjusted his hand to merely cradle her breast with no nipple contact. He couldn’t resist giving her several gentle squeezes which she tolerated. After a particularly strong spasm Nina said, “Wow. I’ve never cum from just breast play before- well, almost never. Give me a minute. I can’t move until my nervous system recovers a little…but I’ll take care of you in a minute.”

“Take your time and enjoy,” he replied, beaming with pride at his talent as a lover. Satisfying his wife sexually was very important to him and gave him pleasure; his own release could wait.

After a rest of just about 15 seconds Nina whispered, “In keeping with the mood you’ve set would you like to tit fuck me?”

“That’s a silly question. Of course, I would.”

“Okay, you just have to watch out for my left nipple. It’s a bit sore from your recent play. Based on our past experience if I sit on a dining room chair my chest should be at the right height for you standing.” Nina proceeded to rise and walk to the nearest dining room chair which she turned away from the table. Pushing her robe back and trapping it behind her she sat down. Steve was just a step or two behind with his hard cock sticking out between the two sides of his robe. As he neared his wife he untied the loose belt on the robe and pushed the sides back. Apparently concluding the robe was likely to interfere he shucked it off onto the floor.

Nina’s hands came up under and to the sides of her breasts- offering her tits to her horny husband. He groaned, “Beautiful”, as he watched her and then promptly slapped his cock between her tits. While he stared at her chest lustfully she pushed her hands inward enveloping his cock in her soft flesh. She whispered, “Don’t move. I think some natural lube would help,” and dribbled some saliva onto the top of the crease holding his cock. In a second or two his corona appeared as he pushed upward and was partially coated. “Wait,” she said, which caused him to freeze for an instant. She dropped some more saliva directly onto his cockhead just before it disappeared on his first down Kurtköy Escort stroke. Steve loved the obscene image of his cock between her tits with her saliva rolling off the tip. He’d fucked her tits before but she’d never acted as lewdly. Thinking of how sexy his wife had been and seeing the resulting wet cockhead was almost enough to make him cum.

Steve’s breath hitched as he drew his cock down and then thrust upward. The nerves in his cockhead excitedly felt the wet sleeve of pillow- soft flesh as his cock burrowed upward. The friction was perfect as his shaft was dry and had ample skin to skin friction with her tits while his sensitive head slipped easily in the lube she’d provided. He groaned and his cock throbbed as he repeated his thrusts several times. The friction on the shaft of his cock lessened as the saliva spread down but that was exciting too; in fact, it increased the tease and allowed the experience to last a little longer.

Steve was delirious as he stroked up and down in her tight cleavage. “You’re the best. Your tits look and feel incredibly good,” he exclaimed. “I won’t be able to last; you’re just too good.”

“Yes, I am,” she replied. “Don’t forget it.”

In less than half a minute Steve’s cock exploded; he simply couldn’t hold the pressure in. While he expected to see a rocket of cum shooting up toward her neck Nina’s tits overwhelmed his ejaculation and only a small amount escaped her cleavage-oozing from the seam between her tits and forming a small sexy pool where her two breasts met. He loved the thought of her tits smothering his cum; it reflected his obsession with her tits. He wanted to tit fuck her every day.

Steve stayed buried in her softness and she continued to hold her tits together for 10 to 15 seconds as his passion resolved. Finally, Steve started to pull his hips back and Nina released her hands. He straightened up and stood with a hand extended to the back of the chair for support. He rested for a moment in an exhausted state of satisfaction and again told her how great she was.

Steve got some tissues and cleaned up Nina’s breasts. She noted that the video had ended and said she’d like to see it again without some many distractions. They restored their robes, moved back to the couch and shared some wine.

Nina closed the sexual part of their evening by saying, “I would really like to see the video again but don’t take that to suggest piercing is under serious consideration. I’m curious but certainly not convinced. How could piercing make our sex life better than we just had?” Steve decided that he should take the question as rhetorical; a simple, “I know,” and smile was the safest answer.

The next day saw the arrival of a package from an express delivery company. They both knew it was one of the sex toys Steve had ordered but he opened it in private and didn’t immediately reveal its contents.

At dinner that night he said, “I know what you said last night about piercing not being high on your ‘to do’ list but I’d still like to continue the research and try the nipple play that we had discussed.” Nina nodded and agreed that it might be fun. He continued, “I received a pair of nipple toys today that I think are perfect for addressing your thoughts about my mouth not enjoying metal jewelry. After we clean up from dinner please meet me in the bedroom so we can experiment.”

Nina smiled. Her pussy moistened with his statement but she kept that to herself. She didn’t want Steve to get carried away with his fantasies about piercing or nipple clamps but her nipples were more than ready for play. There was a secret part of her that truly enjoyed nipple clamps and rough tit play but she had never revealed that to Steve or any prior lover. She didn’t think she would ever welcome piercing but in the recesses of her mind there was a strange appeal.

Her primary reservation was the permanency not the pain. She didn’t want Steve to know that since he’d undoubtedly say the holes would close up if she wanted to abandon the piercings. She knew that but still feared scar tissue and possible distortion of her nipples would remain. She needed to keep saying no.

Nina also had a devious side to her mind. She often thought ahead and plotted how to get her way while appearing sweet and guileless. She’d plot various actions that would probably prompt desired reactions without the other person knowing he’d been maneuvered.

In the case of her nipples she decided that if she entertained Steve with sufficient nipple play perhaps he’d lose interest in piercing. She’d subtly show off her nipples over the next week and encourage whatever nipple play he wanted. Inviting attention to her nipples for his pleasure would hopefully be fun for both of them and would convince him not to mess with nature.

On entering the bedroom Steve undressed Nina. After pulling the covers off the bed he guided her to lie down. He took off his own clothes, picked something off the table and then joined her on the bed explaining that Kartal Escort the toys in his hand were sold as nipple clamps but he hoped they’d be good for their jewelry research.

“They’re small magnetic balls that are strong enough to attract each other right through your nipple. I tried them with one on the back of my hand and one in my palm. They really work; the magnetic force is much stronger than you’d expect from such small balls.” Steve used his fingers to tease her left nipple explaining that it should be erect for their experiment.

He then added, “The balls came with a paper insert warning against using these near one’s mouth and saying if swallowed they can cause serious problems so we’ll have to be careful. Obviously, our goal is to see how my mouth deals with metal on your nipple so I need to have them in my mouth. I don’t intend to try to wretch them off with my teeth but I don’t know how secure they’ll be so we’ll just take it slow.”

“It certainly sounds like you bought the wrong thing. They’re going to be painful for me and might seriously hurt you.”

“I think they’ll be fine for our little experiment. If they’re too strong let me know and I’ll take them off. When I ordered them there was a customer comment on the website complaining about their strength but I thought they’d be okay for a short experiment.”

Steve showed her the four chrome colored balls and put two aside. He then fumbled with a pair of the quarter inch balls using both hands to keep the balls apart as he gradually moved them into position on either side of her protruding left nipple. Nina watched in fear as she visualized the balls slipping from his fingers and slamming into her sensitive flesh. Fortunately his grip remained tight and he eased them into place while still resisting the magnetic pull. She winched with pain as he gently removed his fingers and let the magnetic force pinch her erect nub. Steve was alarmed but Nina gasped out, “It’s okay. They hurt like hell but let’s keep going. I don’t want the pain wasted on an aborted test. Let’s see how your mouth likes metal. We’ll skip the second nipple, please. One should be enough for the test.”

Steve stared at the captured nipple. He regretted causing Nina pain but her nipple flanked by the two chrome balls looked obscenely sexy. He could see how her sensitive flesh was being pinched and felt guilty that his cock was hard and his mind was reacting lustfully despite her pain.

Nina exclaimed, “Use your mouth, now! Be quick and see how your teeth like bumping into metal. See how you like having part of my nipple covered by jewelry. Do it now so I can get these hellish things off.”

His mouth enveloped her nipple and the balls. He explored the balls and her nipple with his tongue and went out of his way to click his teeth against the metal. He was aroused by the experience but knew that was coming from the pierced nipple imagery in his mind. The balls weren’t sexy and seemed to be in the way of where his tongue sought to go. Taking his time he repeated all of his movements several times until Nina said, “That’s enough. Get these damn balls off- they’re really killing me.”

Steve pulled back and moved his hands up to carefully grasp each ball with a thumb and forefinger. They were now slippery with his saliva and difficult to grasp. He tried to rub the saliva away with his fingers and then dry his fingers with a rub on her body. Nina was hissing and panting in obvious frustration with his clumsiness. He finally grasped each ball and pulled. The task required more force than he’d expected but he was able to separate the balls to release her red nub. As soon as her nipple was free Nina rolled away saying, “Remember the saying that the operation was a success but the patient died. My nipple is off limits until I tell you otherwise. It really hurts.”

Steve apologized offering to throw the balls away. Nina laughed sarcastically and said if he didn’t throw them away immediately she’d try them on his ball sack. She then added that he wasn’t getting any sex in the near future; her body and mind were focused on the pain in her nipple to the absolute exclusion of any desire for sex. She wasn’t sure if she’d feel better in a day or if it would take a week for the soreness to disappear. In fact, she wondered if she should go to her OBGYN to get her nipple checked.

This all prompted more apologies from Steve but Nina assured him she wasn’t mad at him; she’d consented to the experiment even after feeling the pain. She cautioned him to not mention any aspect of nipple play or piercing until further notice. The mere notion of a needle anywhere near her breasts was terrifying and a total turn off.

It was several days before Nina said, “All right. I’m willing to re-visit the subject of our recent nipple test. That means discussion- not repeating the test. Out of curiosity what did your mouth think about the metal?”

“Well, I’m not sure. The balls hid a lot of your nipple from my tongue which I didn’t like. I couldn’t touch your nipple very well but I think rings would be less intrusive than the balls. I think we were also both distracted by your pain. For me bumping into the metal with my teeth was okay. It wasn’t pleasant but I wouldn’t shy away from piercing because of the metal and my teeth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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