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Stephanie’s legs felt weak beneath her as she walked out of the classroom. She found her way to the girls bathroom in a complete daze and entered a stall to clean herself up. Juices still dropped down her thighs from the explosive orgasm she’d experienced. As she wiped it up she almost couldn’t bear the sensitivity that she felt each time the tissue wiped against her pussy lips.

When she was done with cleaning herself off as best she could she sat down on the toilet and rested her head on the stall wall. It was her first day back in school and already she’d had incredible sexual experiences with 2 of her teachers. She felt both excited and overwhelmed as a tear fell down her cheek.

What is wrong with me? Can I even consider myself a virgin anymore? I feel like such a slut, she thought as she wiped away the tears that kept falling.

She felt conflicted with herself as she found herself excited at the thought of being a slut but also wanting a proper relationship with someone who loved her – not just wanted to fuck her. Could she have both?

Stephanie looked up and saw a flyer on the stall door for the back to school dance. Her mind immediately went back to Jerry.

I should ask him to the dance. I can have normal senior life with him, and keep the fun with Mr. Murray and Mrs. Mulligan a secret, she decided – determined to have everything her way.

Stephanie left the bathroom with a new sense of determination as she set her goal for the year firmly in her mind. She’d enjoy the exciting new pleasures with her teachers, have fun with teasing, date a boy her age, and still find time to ace all her classes – easy – right?

The rest of the day went by in a blur as Stephanie focused on her classes and tried to ignore the throbbing wanting between her legs that seemed permanently there after her time with Mrs. Mulligan. When the final bell rang she walked out and headed straight to Jerry’s car in the lot where she was hoping to catch him before he left for the day.

As she waited she saw Mr. Murray outside. He stopped in his tracks and stared at her with longing across the parking lot. He felt his body instantly begin to react to the mere sight of her and knew in that moment that it was going to be an eventful and distracting school year with Stephanie around. Unable to stop himself, he began walking up to her but stopped when he saw her turn to smile.

Mr. Murray watched as Jerry walked up to the waiting Stephanie. His heart gripped as he saw the flirtatious smiles the pair shared. He clenched his fist until his knuckles turned white as he watched Jerry place his hand on Stephanie’s shoulder. That one touch practically sent him into a rage of jealousy that he’d never felt for any woman before.

He’d wanted Stephanie for a long time, and now he was so close to having her. No douche-bag jock was going to get in the way of that. But he was her teacher, and the parking lot was full of onlookers. So he just watched helplessly as the pair flirted.

Stephanie could feel Mr. Murray burning holes into her face as she interacted with Jerry. She felt herself growing wet knowing that he was watching her with Jerry. When Jerry placed his hand on her shoulder she glanced over at Mr. Murray and saw him standing with so much tension in his body it was a bit frightening – and erotic for her.

Always one to want to up the ante, Stephanie smiled up at Jerry and batted her big beautiful eyes. She stepped closer to him and brought her mouth to his ear as she whispered, “I have a question for you.”

Her proximity and boldness excited Jerry as he whispered back, “Ask away.”

“Will you go to the dance with me?” She whispered as she let her hand carelessly glide through his hair and down his neck.

Jerry felt every hair on his body raise up at her touch. He’d been with a lot of the girls in school before, but no one had ever made him this nervous before.

“Absolutely,” Jerry said, not bothering to whisper, “can I give you a ride home?”

Stephanie pulled back and smiled then turned to look at a beat red Mr. Murray who was now shaking with anger. She winked at him, then nodded yes to Jerry.

Jerry ran around the truck and opened the door for her. Stephanie felt her heart flutter at the gesture. She climbed up the large step, forgetting her lack of underwear underneath her short skirt, and gave Jerry a quick flash of her hairless pussy.

Jerry felt his dick grow a bit at the glance he got, but readjusted himself for fear he’d scare her off.

He ran around to the driver side and drove her home, the whole way thinking of what it’d be like to fuck her and coming up with plans to make it happen.


The days leading up to the dance went by quickly. Stephanie didn’t do anything else with her teachers in that time. Mr. Murray kept looking for opportunities but couldn’t make them. Stephanie told Mrs. Mulligan that she wanted to get ahead in her classes and also finish the missed summer project she was supposed İstanbul Escort to do. Mrs. Mulligan definitely wanted another moment with Stephanie but she prioritized education and wanted Stephanie to have opportunities to go to the best colleges. That didn’t stop either of them from lingering touches or cheeky kisses every now and then however.

Mr. Murray found himself growing more and more obsessed with Stephanie as her attentions towards him seemed to dry out. He would try to find ways to be alone with her again, but kept getting interrupted. His desperation to see her fully exposed again grew with each passing day. When he found out that she was going to the dance with Jerry, he signed up to be a chaperone so he could keep an eye on them and hopefully find a chance to pull her away to a hidden place.


The day of the dance, Stephanie was filled with butterflies as she got ready. She’d heard a rumor that Jerry planned to ask her to be his girlfriend and she couldn’t wait to say yes. She found herself falling for him more each day as he showed her the more gentlemanly side of him through everyday actions and his continued sweet surprises of flowers in her locker and sweet notes passed in the halls.

She was happy to be having a high school romance, but was excited for when she’d be caught up on all her schoolwork and could find time for extracurriculars – namely Mr. Murray and Mrs. Mulligan. She’d noticed the way Mr. Murray especially seemed anxious around her over the past few weeks. His nervous sexual energy radiated off of him, only changing when she was around Jerry – then it became more territorial and obsessive. She found she liked that energy a lot. The way he looked like he could kill Jerry every time he was near her. It turned her on in strange and unexpected ways.

Mr. Murray would have to get used to it though, cause she fully intended to say yes to Jerry and be his girlfriend – and possibly even lose her virginity to him. She wasn’t sure yet about that, however, as she figured when the time – and person – were right, she’d just go for it.

Stephanie put the final touches on her makeup, emphasizing her supple lips with red lipstick and her doe eyes with light mascara. The doorbell chimed just as she was finishing up and she felt her heart jump with excitement. She was ready for tonight and the plans she’d made.

As Stephanie walked down the stairs to greet a waiting Jerry, she took her time to make sure he could get a good look at her. His eyes widened as he waited in the doorway next to her mom. Stephanie’s halter dress fit her perfectly. It hugged her tightly from her bosom to her waist then flared out in a float chiffon wave.

It’s pure white iridescent color contrasted her womanly body and made her look both innocent and sexual all at once. The neckline plunged seductively, a feature that Stephanie knew was pushing the dress code but she figured at least one of the chaperones there wouldn’t dare report her.

Stephanie’s mom smiled at her daughter and took pictures with ready eyes.

“You look lovely, sweetie!” Her mom exclaimed.

Jerry took Stephanie’s hand as she reached him and smiled proudly at his date and said, “you are perfect.”

Stephanie swatted her mom away who was trying to put a shawl over her bare shoulders and hurried Jerry out the door.


The two arrived at the dance with a tangible excitement in the air. When they parked, Stephanie started to exit the car but Jerry told her to wait. He reached into the backseat and pulled out a clear box with a corsage inside.

“I was going to give you this later since I know this is usually a prom thing, but I couldn’t wait and I have something I really want to ask you,” Jerry said as he opened the box.

“Ask away,” Stephanie replies, repeating his response to her from a few weeks prior.

“Stephanie, when I’m around you it’s like nothing else matters. You’re all I ever think about, day and night. I really care about you, and I’d be honored if you’ll be my girlfriend,” Jerry said as he put the corsage on her wrist.

Stephanie smiled broadly as she nodded then leaned over towards him and kissed him.

Their kiss was soft and timid at first. They paused to like each other in the eyes, both yearning for more. Unable to hold back any longer, Jerry reached over and grabbed her by the waist and sat him straddling on his lap.

Stephanie yelped in surprise at his strength and boldness. The feeling of having her legs wrapped around him catapulted her into action. They began kissing in earnest, mouths open and tongues tasting each other.

Jerry let his hands explore lower than her waist as he began massaging her firm but ample ass. His touches spurred Stephanie on she grinded herself against his crotch, feeling him harden in his pants. The dry-humping rubbed her clit and made her lose what was left of her inhibitions.

Their kisses deepened and their hand got more frantic. Jerry pulled up the back İstanbul Escort bayan of her dress and placed his hand on her panty-clad ass. He felt a thin lacy fabric between him and his goal.

I’m about to be a cliche and lose my virginity during a school dance in a car, Stephanie thought flippantly as she pulled away from the kiss and reached down to unbuckle Jerry’s belt.

Her thoughts and actions were interrupted when an angry knock struck the car window. Stephanie gasped as she turned to see Mr. Murray staring at her with a fury she’d never faced. The look sent her scrambling off of Jerry’s lap who seemed to still be in a daze.

Mr. Murray walked around the car to Stephanie’s side and pulled open the door. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her out then slammed the door all before Jerry could react.

Jerry rushed to fix his clothes so he could hurry out and hopefully stop himself and Stephanie from getting suspended or kicked out of the dance before they even got to go in.

Outside the car, Mr. Murray still held Stephanie’s wrist, so tightly she felt herself squirming under the pressure. He stared down at her, both in awe at how beautiful she looked and angry that she’d gotten so dressed up for someone else.

“Amazing that you’d wear white as if you’re innocent,” he said through gritted teeth – annoyed by how she managed to look like such an angel after acting like such a slut.

“You’re hurting me…” Stephanie said, voice trembling.

“And you’re driving me fucking crazy. You show up at the beginning of the year like an atomic bomb on my life then avoid me for weeks. Now you’re fucking some dumb jock right where I can catch you?” He answered bewilderedly.

“I -” Stephanie didn’t get a chance to finish explaining because Jerry opened the door, and was coming around the car towards them.

Mr. Murray finally let go of her wrist. Stephanie felt relieved as she looked down at her wrist to see her corsage had been crushed. She also noticed that Mr. Murray was hard. Despite all his anger, he was turned on by seeing her in that car with Jerry.

Stephanie felt all her fear wash away in that moment as she realized her power. Mr. Murray wanted her so badly, and she loved that feeling.

I’ll give him something to watch, she thought as she pictured the dance moves she’d been practicing in her room at night.

Mr. Murray turned and walked quickly away as Jerry walked up ready to persuade him. He was left with mouth gaping as he didn’t even get the chance.

“What happened?” Jerry asked.

“Don’t worry. He said he’ll let us off with a warning,” Stephanie lied.

“Well, that’s lucky. Let’s get inside then. We can finish what we started later if you’re still up for it,” Jerry replied.

Stephanie gave him a mischievous smile then grabbed his hand and walked to the dance.

The pair spent some time mixing and greeting their friends – excited to tell everyone about their new relationship status before finally hitting the dance floor.

Stephanie knew that Mr. Murray had been watching her all night, and she was ready to give him something worth watching.

Jerry and Stephanie started out dancing to a slow song in typical school dance fashion swaying back and forth. Stephanie twirled away from him in a fluid movement then instead of going back to their original position she faced the other way and pressed her backside up against him. She pulled his arms to wrap around her and gently swayed her body to the music.

She let herself get lost in the song as she pressed her ass against him, rubbing it around it slow, sensual movements. She felt his dick begin to harden and his hands begin to pull her tighter against him.

One hand held her low on the waist, keeping her pinned in place, while he let his other hand go higher up and caress her body. He felt up her waist all the way to the sides of her breasts.

Stephanie enjoyed the feeling of his strong arms and hands on her and his dick pressing into her ass. She looked around for Mr. Murray and wasn’t disappointed when she found him staring directly at her. His eyes took in the scene with hunger and anger wrapped in one. He shifted his pants to try and hide his growing erection, and dug his feet into the floor to keep from grabbing her away from Jerry.

Stephanie saw what he tried to hide and grew bolder with her actions, loving the effect she was having on both the 18 year old she was dancing with and her 40 year old teacher across the room. She grabbed Jerry’s hand that was holding her waist and brought it up towards her breasts. She knew if another chaperone caught them they could be kicked out but from what she could see Mr. Murray was the only one watching her little show so far.

Jerry didn’t need anymore encouragement as he began kneading her tits right their on the dance floor. The music changed in that moment to a faster dance track and Stephanie adjusted the beat.

The moves she’d Escort İstanbul practiced were now being used as she grinded passionately against Jerry, moving her hips to the beat. She looked Mr. Murray in the eyes and smiled before doing a turn, which pulled Jerry’s hands from her perky tits. He was only momentarily disappointed to be pulled away from them. She faced him and kissed him passionately on the mouth, all the while still wiggling her hips like a professional stripper.

She kissed her way down his neck then did a sudden drop to the beat, crouching in front of him then kissing his hardened dick through his pants. She twerked her ass as she did so, making sure to give Mr. Murray something to look at.

Jerry felt like he was about to cum when he felt her lips kiss his hard cock. It was through fabric but the intensity was unlike anything he’d felt as she did it right in the middle of the school dance. She was fearless and so sexy.

Mr. Murray could no longer sit still. Stephanie was fucking with him, and that smile before her raunchy little act was his undoing. He contemplated walking away to go give himself release in the men’s bathroom, but her cocky little smile and teasing spurred him on to a different choice.

He walked over to the gyrating pair and grabbed Stephanie by the wrist and pulled her up. Jerry grabbed her other wrist and tried to pull her back.

“Young lady, that is no way to behave at a school dance. I think I let you off too easily before. You’ll come with me. Right now.” Mr. Murray demanded.

“Sorry, sir. We didn’t -” Jerry began.

“Not you. Just her.” Mr. Murray said not taking his eyes off of Stephanie who’s cheeks were now flushed and chest was heaving.

“But sir -” Jerry tried again.

“I’ll be okay,” Stephanie interrupted as she pulled her wrist from Jerry, “no point in both of us getting in trouble. Wait for me, then we can go somewhere a little more private afterwards.”

Mr. Murray felt his grip on her wrist tighten at the implications of her words and pulled her away before anything else could be said.

He dragged her down the hall, far from the dance into his classroom where he locked the door behind them.

Only then did he let her go. Stephanie trembled as he stood there staring at her for a moment.

“So, you little slut, was it fun teasing me all night?” He asked as he grabbed her hair and pulled it back to make her look up at him.

Stephanie felt her heart begin to race as she felt his forcefulness.

“Yes,” she said defiantly.

With his free hand, Mr. Murray grabbed one of Stephanie’s hands and forced it down to his crotch.

“You feel how hard my dick is now? It’s all your fault and I don’t think I’m going to be satisfied with just jacking off this time. You’re going to take care of this personally and be my sweet little slut,” he demanded.

Stephanie rubbed his large cock through the fabric of his pants, excited to finally get to touch him after years of wanting. She’d hoped her teasing tonight might excite him, but she hadn’t expected this.

Mr. Murray let out a groan as his felt the little cock tease start to rub him. He pulled her hair harder and forced her onto her knees.

“You dirty little slut, you want this cock, huh? I’m going to let you taste it.”

He let go of her hair and quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down with his boxers, releasing his 9-inch monster which stood out strong.

Stephanie’s eyes widened as she came face to face with a dick for the first time in her life. She felt Mr. Murray put both hands into her hair and pull her face towards his large cock. She opened her mouth and tried to relax her throat like she’d read online, ready to take a dick into her mouth for the first time.

Mr. Murray groaned loudly at the sight of her innocent eyes looking up at him and mouth open wide ready to take him in.

“You look so perfect right now, my little slut. Do you want this dick?”

Stephanie nodded.

“Say it. Say, ‘I want your big dick in my mouth, daddy'”, He demanded, loving how innocent she looked and wanting to hear filthy words from her sweet mouth.

“I want your big dick in my mouth daddy,” Stephanie said almost pleadingly as she looked up at him.

“That’s right my sweet little slut. You’re my dirty little girl. Take this big cock into your hungry mouth,” he said as he held her head firmly into place and plunged his dick into her ready mouth.

Stephanie thought she’d choke but remembered to relax as he pumped his huge dick in and out of her mouth – going further down her throat each time. It was so thick and long that it caused spit to dribble down her chin as he relentlessly fucked her face.

“Damn baby, I knew you were a fucking slut but shit you take that cock like a fucking pro,” he said as he picked up speed.

She looked like a raunchy cock slut as she eagerly slurped his dick in and out of her mouth, enjoying the sensation as she quickly got used to the feeling.

Mr. Murray felt himself getting close to cumming so he let go of her head and untied the halter part of her dress. He kept pumping her face full of his dick as Stephanie caught on to what he wanted and pulled her dress down, revealing her tits. They bounced freely.

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