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Big Tits

Sandi snuck into her mother’s room and carefully removed the Cosmopolitan from her bedside table. Her parents didn’t think it was acceptable for their eighteen-year old daughter to be reading Cosmo, but Sandi couldn’t figure out what articles her mom bought it for. Sandi’s mom was more of a Home Journal type and the thought of her mom and dad trying out any of the “6 Best Cosmo-Sutra Moves” grossed her out beyond words.

She hid the stolen magazine under the beach towel and trudged outside. According to the slew of magazines for June pale was out and sun-goddess bronze was in– in a big way. Sandi’s parents didn’t want their children to get skin cancer or a boyfriend so they also forbade sun bathing and tanning beds. Sandi begged her mom to let her try out one of the many fake tanners available but her mother proclaimed that “no daughter of hers is going to look like a slutty cheesy poof.” And that was that. Sandi sulked over her mother’s refusal but it didn’t do any good. Sandi couldn’t wait to escape to college.

She had begun sending out applications and her only two requirements were that it was out of state and offered a degree in teaching. Her parents knew that they were losing their little girl to the big world but no matter what type of guilt trip they tried to pull they couldn’t convince Sandi to stay at home and attend community college. She was hell-bent on entering the stream of life, as her parent’s called it. Although sun bathing was forbidden in the Fletcher household neither of her parents would be home until after 3 p.m. so it was safe until then. She splayed her towel out across the perfectly manicured lawn and lay down. She rolled the sleeves of her t-shirt up, making it sleeveless and she tucked the hem of her shirt up under her bra to expose her stomach. She wore the shortest shorts she owned and with her knees bent they naturally crept up and exposed the pale skin of her thighs.

Sandi lay in that position for thirty minutes before turning over and lying on her stomach. She read through half of Cosmo before scurrying inside to prepare for her parents return home. Sandi ran upstairs and undressed, inspecting her body in the mirror. Her brownish hair was cut in an outgrown bob and she mostly pulled it back into a low ponytail to disguise her need of a haircut. The natural golden highlights that streaked her hair were becoming more prominent from their sun exposure.

The tiny freckles that danced across her nose, like a little girl enrolled in her first ballet class, extended onto the apples of her cheek. She leaned in close to the mirror trying to see if there were any tan lines. Her tiny breasts hung in the air round and perky. Sandi shivered and gooseflesh covered her skin while her nipples tightened into points like tiny chocolate chips. Her stomach was flat and covered in light blonde peach fuzz that gave way to the modest triangle of dark curls between her legs. Sandi’s legs were long and muscular. She had already decided that she would attribute her fitness to volleyball if anyone at college asked. It wasn’t a complete lie; she did play volleyball a lot, just not for her school team. Instead her chosen after school activity was marching band. Even though she loved music and playing the saxophone brought her immense joy she didn’t want to project that image in college. She was still wondering how to break it to her parents that she didn’t plan on signing up for her college marching band. Sandi was disappointed that her hour in the sun hadn’t seemed to make any difference but she knew that it would take more time than that to perfect her summer tan. She vowed to step-up her efforts for tomorrow.

The next day Sandi snuck into her older sister’s old bedroom and rifled through her dresser drawers. It took her some time but she managed to find what she was looking for. Tucked away in a mesh nylon bag were four pairs of pantyhose and three bathing suits. Sandi laid them out on the bed and looked them over. The first was a purple one piece that looked stretched and worn; it was no better than Sandi’s own one piece from swimming class. The second was a two-piece bikini with a soft white background and pastel hearts in pink, purple, and blue. Sandi liked it but when she thought about wearing something so skimpy out in public a lump formed in her throat.

The third was Sandi’s first choice. It was a navy blue two-piece with modestly cut bottoms and a halter style top. The floorboards at the end of the hallway creaked and Sandi quickly shoved the two bikinis into her shorts and returned the ugly one piece and the mesh bag to their former location. Sandi heard the bathroom door open and close and she knew that it was safe to dash across the hall to her own bedroom. She pulled the two bathing suits out of her shorts and hid them between the mattress and box springs. In an hour, or so, both of her parents would be gone for work and it would be safe for Sandi to don her borrowed bikini and catch some rays.

While Sandi could hear İstanbul Escort the shuffle of gravel beneath her father’s tires she tied the navy blue halter-top around her neck. She slid on the bottoms and looked in the mirror. The bottoms were a little loose and hung low on her hips, the extra material pooling around her butt. Sandi took off the bikini and tried on the other one. The pants fit almost perfectly but the triangles were too large for her small breasts and puffed out at the sides. She decided to compromise and wear the navy blue top and the white and pastel bottoms. She might have been mismatched but it was better than wearing a bathing suit that didn’t fit.

Last night Sandi made a thorough search of the house and couldn’t find a single tanning product. Everything that she found was designed to block out the sun-quite the opposite of what she wanted. But, her trusty guide to life, Cosmopolitan, suggested using olive oil as a cheap alternative to sun tan oil. Sandi pulled the dining room chair over to the kitchen cupboard and carefully removed the tall bottle of extra-virgin olive oil and poured about half a cup into an empty spray bottle.

It was eleven o’clock and Sandi was determined to lie out until two o’clock. She carried out her towel, make-shift sun tan oil, the fourth installment in the series of books she was reading about three mischievous young wizards, and her sunglasses. She would have brought out some pop but they were warm so she stuck them in the refrigerator to chill first. Sandi spread her towel out and oiled up. She lay down and waited. After what felt like an hour she looked at her watch to discover that it had only been half an hour but it was still time to turn over. Time went by a lot faster while she was occupied reading and in no time her thirty minutes was up. After flipping over two more times Sandi was bored out of her mind.

She decided to take a break from the boredom and get some lunch. She made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and had some pretzels. Sandi grabbed a can of fanta cola and returned back outside. While lying on her stomach she read and while lying on her back she invented a new game to play each time. For the first thirty minutes it was picking out shapes in the cloud formations. Then she read some more and when she flipped over onto her back for her last thirty minutes she saw him. His name was Jake Parker.

They had played together when they were kids. Sandi was the youngest in the neighborhood and she usually spent the most time being “It,” chasing around all the other kids who were faster than her. At the time Sandi had a huge crush on Jake but he thought girls were gross. Back then a three-year difference seemed like an eternity but now it only seemed like a few days. Sandi figured he was home from college for the summer. She watched him as he stood in the center of the dim garage aiming darts at an electronic dartboard eight feet away. He was wearing blue and red board shorts and black flip-flops. His dark hair was long with wisps that stuck out in tufts. Sandi could see the contours of his stomach and it was evident that Jake had escaped the curse of “the freshman fifteen.” As he cocked his arm in aim at the dartboard Sandi could see his tiny bicep bulging. She realized that she still had a crush on Jake and she wasn’t the little girl that she used to be. In two short months Sandi herself would be leaving for college. Saying goodbye to mommy and daddy and living her life by her own accord- sun bathing and reading Cosmo of she chose to. But, before Sandi left for college there were a few things that she wanted to change about herself. Number one was her pale pasty skin, number two was her appearance (hair, clothes, and makeup), and number three was her virginity. She didn’t want it hanging over her head like a storm cloud. Sandi had enough worries about the sheltered life her parents had forced her to live and as special and important as she thought her virginity was she just wanted to get rid of it. Sandi was beginning to think that Jake would be an excellent candidate. She took two steps in his direction before realizing that she was wearing a mismatched bathing suit.

Sandi furtively grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her waist. She pushed a few strands of hair back behind her ear and when she started towards the open garage it was empty. She placed her hand over her eyes to shield the glare from the sun but he wasn’t there. Sandi scooped up her book and pop and walked solemnly inside. The first raindrops of the afternoon barely missed her. It rained all through the night and for the next three days. Sandi was cooped up inside and spent most of her time in her bedroom. Her bedroom window faced the street and Jake’s house. Even while the rain drizzled outside he was still in there, relentlessly throwing darts. The garage door was open and the radio was playing and from what she could tell Jake wasn’t half bad. He hit the board more than he missed but Sandi wasn’t İstanbul Escort bayan an expert.

She leaned her head against the cool glass window streaked with rivulets of water and watched him. His quick and fluid movements mesmerized her and deep inside she longed for him. It was a feeling in her mind and her body that she didn’t understand fully but she felt it with every cell of her body. Sandi unknowingly stroked her fingers up and down the length of her arm and soon the rest of her body was begging to be touched. She traced the collar of her t-shirt and grazed her fingers over her collarbone. She dropped her hand to her stomach and pulled up her shirt to expose her stomach. She traced lazy circles around her belly button, gradually getting bigger and radiating outwards. She looked down into the garage and saw Jake was taking a break. He was sitting on an old dresser dangling his legs and smoking a cigarette. Sandi’s fingers crept between her shorts and her body. She slowly walked her fingers down until she felt the soft puffy lips of her vagina.

She delicately stroked her labia in quick strokes. She slid her other hand down her pants and spread her outer lips, leaving her clitoris and inner labia vulnerable to the cool air. She watched him intently as he brought the cigarette up to his mouth, clenched it between his lips, and inhaled. She wished that Jake’s lips had closed around her nipple instead. Smoke streamed from his nostrils as he tipped his head back and puffed out three perfect smoke rings into the muggy afternoon air. Her fingers were circling the entrance of her vagina, drawing out her juices and spreading them all over her labia. Once she was slick she used one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other hand pinched and fondled her aching clitoris. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Jake’s head of scraggily brown hair between her legs and that her skilled fingers were actually his little pink tongue darting all around her. Sandi came quickly and when she opened her eyes he was gone.

Every day that it rained Sandi sat watching him, perched on her window seat and masturbating while she watched him throwing darts. She liked being there looking down on him, the idea that he could look up and see her pleasuring herself while watching him sent chills down her back. And then on Wednesday the clouds slowly slipped away and the sun came out, shining full force like the star of the play drowned in the spotlight. In the meantime Sandi had found a two-piece bathing suit that fit her well, and matched, down at the Second Chance thrift store. She slipped on the bubblegum pink bottoms and carefully tied the two pink strings around her neck. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled in approval. Sandi smoothed her makeshift tanning oil over her skin until she glistened with a shiny sheen. She looked out her bedroom window to see if her Romeo was up yet but the garage door was closed and she assumed it was vacant as well. The first thing that he did was open the garage door, followed by blasting the radio.

Sandi grabbed her towel and a clichéd harlequin romance novel that she had pilfered from her recent trip to her grandma’s, and a can of fanta cherry pop. She walked seductively out to her tanning spot just in case Jake was watching her. She thought about the possibility of him looking down on her from his bedroom window, pumping his hand up and down the shaft of his penis, but she quickly shook the notion out of her head. Why would Jake notice her? He barely noticed her while they were growing up and now that he had grown up and been to college there were probably tons of other girls that caught his interest. But Sandi wasn’t the shrieking little girl that she was back then. She had grown-up and she intended on proving that to her parents and to Jake. Sandi’s optimism had started to diminish when Jake never pushed up the garage door that day. At two-thirty she gathered up her stuff and moped inside. She wondered where he could be. That night after dinner she happened to be sitting in her window seat reading her wizard themed book when she saw a black mini-van pull into the Parker’s driveway and deposit Jake. He was home. Sandi nervously pushed the errant pieces of hair behind her ears and smoothed her wrinkled shorts. Her heart bounced in her chest and she desperately tried to think of an excuse to go over there. As she stood staring down at his back disappearing into the dark garage Max, their family dog, licked her hand for attention.

“Yes!” Sandi scooped up Max and hugged him to her chest, spinning around with elation. She bound down the stairs and called over her shoulder that she was taking Max out to play. Her parents barely looked up from the daily newspaper to notice. Sandi set Max down and he hopped around at her feet. She stared longingly at Jake’s hoping that he would come outside to throw darts. Sandi repeatedly threw Max’s blue ball long after he was interested in fetching it back to her. Max’s Escort İstanbul barking alerted her to Jake’s presence and although he was tired Sandi begged him to fetch just once more. Max seemed to understand how desperate Sandi was and when she threw the blue ball in the direction of Jake’s house and he ran as far as the boundary of their front yard before stopping. Sandi walked past Max and told him to stay while she crossed the street to retrieve his ball. Sandi pretended not to notice Jake until she bent down to pick up the ball. “Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I threw it a little too hard.” Jake turned his warm brown eyes to her and his expression said ‘it happens.’ “What are you up to, Jake Parker?”

“Nothin’. How are you Sandi?” He stopped playing darts and sat on top of the dresser. Sandi walked towards him.

“I’m okay, Jake. I haven’t seen you around in awhile. Are you home for the summer?”

“Yeah. I lived in the dorms last year and I am going to get an apartment next term, but I need a roommate and no one’s around until term starts. I figured I’d just spend the summer at home. How about you?” Max stood at the edge of the yard and barked. Sandi tried to quiet him down but he was persistent. She didn’t want to end her conversation with Jake but she had to take Max back inside.

“I’m leaving for college at the end of the summer. I’m looking at colleges in New York, Chicago, and North Carolina.”

“Wow, I thought that you’d just go to the community college.”

“Hey, can you hold on a minute so I can take Max back inside?”

“Yeah, sure.” Sandi almost skipped across the street but she knew that would make her seem more childish than ever and she was trying to get Jake to see her as an adult. When Sandi came back outside Jake had taken up playing darts again. He asked her if she wanted to play but she politely declined. Sandi was too nervous to trust herself with a metal-tipped dart.

“Jake, do you wanna go get some ice-cream? Or something?” Sandi bit her lower lip and held her breath while she waited for him to respond.

“Yeah, sure. I’m doing terrible at darts anyway. Let me just go get my wallet.” While Jake disappeared inside Sandi ran back home to tell her parents that she was going for a walk and she’d be home by curfew—10 o’clock, sharp. She didn’t bother to mention that Jake was going, too. That would only arouse suspicion from her parents and most likely lead to them somehow thwarting her summer plans. Sandi met Jake outside and they walked into town. On the way they talked about college and their plans for the future. Sandi was a little letdown by Jake’s lack of plans for the future. He just seemed to be drifting through college, not really knowing what he wanted to do. He hadn’t declared a major, but even more so he hadn’t even decided on a major. Sandi was starting to think that Jake wasn’t exactly who she thought he was anymore. Sure, he was still amazingly cute, but there was nothing else there.

Sandi ordered one scoop of brownie Sunday in a waffle cone, dipped in cookie crumbles, with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Jake ordered two scoops of vanilla in a bowl. Sandi was disappointed with his lack of imagination. As they sat on the freshly painted bright blue bench Sandi asked him about college life. She wanted to know as much as possible about the real world before she stepped into it and made some fatal mistake that mired her for the remaining three years. She had seen that happen to plenty of girls in high school. On day one they wore the wrong thing and their whole high school career was shot. No matter how many times they tried to reinvent themselves over the summer the other kids were unwilling to forget who they were that first day of freshman year. Sandi had managed to lay low her first year and if you asked anyone what she was like her freshman year almost no one could answer you.

Sandi was an unknown until her sophomore year when she joined the school newspaper and started writing hard-hitting pieces about what really went on in high school. The trouble was her pieces were so good that she blew her own cover and was forced to cover stories that she thought were mundane. It might have given her the coveted spot of front-page, but she could care less about how many yards the quarterback of the football team rushed in last Friday’s game. Sandi’s parents were thrilled that she was excelling in her studies but Sandi was frustrated that she couldn’t write about the things that mattered to her.

Nevertheless, Sandi feigned interest in Jake’s ongoing stories about who threw the best parties, how he managed to maintain the longest keg stand, and the easiest teachers. When Jack started talking about Becca Sandi’s ears perked up and her heart sank. That is until she learned that Becca and Jake had dated un-exclusively for most of the year until she decided that she wanted to get back together with her high school sweetheart. Sandi didn’t come right out and ask if Jake had sex with Becca, but she could be pretty sure that a guy like Jake wasn’t a virgin, and that was another reason why Sandi humored him and listened to his ramblings. She didn’t want her first time to be with another fumbling virgin. She wanted someone who knew what they were doing and could teach her how to have sex.

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