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Hi, I am Amanda and this is a story about my college roommate Terri and her first sexual experience. I hope you enjoy.

Positive comments and high ratings encourage me to write more stories.


I could tell when Terri came in our dorm room that something was weighting heavy on her mind. It was Friday night around 10pm and she looked all nervous. Terri and I had been sharing a room since the beginning of our freshman year at college and I had gotten to know her mannerisms well.

Terri was an only child from a very conservative family. She was beautiful with long blond hair down to the middle of her back and a perfect complexion. She dressed very conservatively was a “straight arrow”. Josh, my boyfriend always like to come over to my dorm room. When he was here, I would catch him checking Terri out.

“What is a matter Terri?” I asked.

“Nothing.” She replied.

I was pouring myself a glass of wine so I took out a second glass and started to pour one for Terri.

“You know I rarely ever drink.” She said in a clipped voice.

“From the way you are acting, it seems like tonight would be a good night for you to have one.”

Terri looked at the wine and then me. Taking the glass from me “I think you are right.” She said.

We sat in quiet for a few minutes and I was surprised how fast she downed her glass of wine. Instinctively, I poured her another glass which she didn’t refuse. I could tell that the wine was already having an effect on her as she seemed like she was starting to relax.

“Let’s start again, what is bothering you?” I asked.

“I just don’t know what to do.”

“What don’t you know what to do?” I followed up with.

Terri proceeded to tell me that she and Tom had been dating for 4 months and that they are very much in love with each other and had a strong physical attraction to each other. She said that while they have been making out, Tom has been suggesting that they go further than just kissing and some feeling each other over their clothes.

“Amanda, Tom thinks that I am experienced, you know, sexually but I am not. Before Tom, because of my strict upbringing, I never had a boyfriend and Tom is the first boy I have kissed and made out with. While I want to go further, I am afraid he will find out about my inexperience and leave me for a more experienced girl. The fact is that I have never even seen what a guy’s penis looks like let alone touch one.”

“Terri, while they are penises, nobody calls them that. They call them dicks or cocks. If you want to appear more experienced, you need to know the lingo.” I said

Terri seemed to that about what I had just said and then she opened a drawer and took out a sleep shirt and then disappeared into the bathroom to change. You see, in the time that we have lived together, I had never see her naked and only once or twice in her bra and panties and that was only by accident.

She came out of the bathroom in her sleep shirt and hung up her clothes. I could tell she was still wearing her bra and pondering something.

“Can I ask you a big favor?” Terri said.

“Sure, ask away.”

Looking sheepish and looking down at the floor, she said quietly “Will you teach me about sex so I don’t make a fool of myself with Tom?”

I almost choked on my wine. Here Side escort is ultra conservative Terri wanting me to teach her about sex. The two glasses of wine must have given her the courage to ask.

Just then, there was a slight tap on the door and Josh poked his head in the door. Terri pulled a blanket up over her lap. I invited Josh in and told him that Terri and I were just chatting. I poured him a glass of wine and then filled both Terri’s and my glass up. Terri looked nervous again and took a big gulp.

I gave Josh a kiss and a big hug. In the past, anytime Josh and I showed any affection toward each other, Terri would always get up and leave the dorm room. She would text me asking me to let her know when we were finished. Still kissing, I reached down and rubbed Josh’s cock through his pants. It instantly started to move and grow.

I set my wine glass down and got on my knees and started to undo Josh’s belt. I am sure that he was wondering why Terri didn’t just up and run out the door. I unbuckled his jeans and then lowered his zipper. I slid his jeans down to his ankles. He stood there with his dick poking his boxers out like a pup tent. He was just frozen in place.

“Is it OK if I show Terri you cock?” I asked Josh knowing that was a dream of his. Terri sat there motionless, wine glass in hand.

Not waiting for Josh to answer, I pulled Josh’s boxers down and his cock sprang out at attention. Terri’s eyes went wide. I put my fingers around it and pumped it a few strokes. I removed my t-shirt exposing my tits leaving me with just my panties on.

I reached out and took Terri’s arm and pulled it toward me. “Take a good look at it.” I said in a commanding voice. Terri moved forward and stared at it. “Touch it, I told her.”

At first she didn’t move but then reached out and touched it timidly with one finger. I took her fingers and wrapped it around Josh’s cock and then slowly pumped her hand on it a few strokes.

Knowing that Josh wouldn’t be able to last long, I put my lips around his cock and twirled my tongue around the head. I continued pumping his cock with Terri’s fingers.

“See how he is tensing up?” I said “He is going to cum and I am going to have him spray his cum on my tits so you can see it.”

She looked nervous but didn’t back away. Removing my lips from his dick, I positioned myself so that his cock was pointing at my chest. We pumped his cock faster and cum shot out and hit my chest. Squirt after squirt until he finally subsided and his cock started to go limp. His cum dripped down over my tits.

“Did you like that?” I said looking at Terri.

She was quiet for a second but then slowly shook her head yes. She seemed mesmerized by Josh’s cock.

I told Josh that before he arrived, Terri had asked me to teach her about sex and that since he was there, I thought I should include him. He gave a big smile and said he would love to help out.

Taking a paper towel, I wiped Josh’s cum from my chest.

“Do you want to continue your lesson?” I asked Terri.

Slowly she nodded her head yes.

“If we are going to continue, then you have to do everything I tell you to do. Do you agree?” I asked.

There was a pause, then she shook her head yes again.

“I want you to say it out loud.” I commanded.

Again, Terri paused and then she said quietly “Yes, I will do everything you tell Side escort bayan me to do.”

I am sure that Josh couldn’t believe his ears.

I undressed Josh until he was naked and I took off my panties. Terri was the only one with clothes on.

Knowing that she would be self-conscious, I turned the lights in the room lower but not totally out.

I am sure Terri knew what was next as she took a big gulp finishing off her third wine. I pulled her up to a standing position. Taking her t-shirt in my hands, I pulled it up over her head and tossed it on her bed. Immediately, her hands covered her boobs and private area.

“Now remove your bra and panties.” I instructed her.

She shook her head no.

“Ok, then we Josh and I will get dressed and you won’t be able to watch us have sex.” I tossed Josh his boxers and started to put my panties back on.

With her head down looking at the ground, she reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra. She let it slide down her arms and tossed it on her t-shirt. Next she put her fingers under the sides of her panties and slowly slid them down her long legs. She again covered herself up and sat back down. I took the blanket from her so that she couldn’t cover up. Josh would say that she had a flawless body and was taking it all in.

I told her that when a girl sucks on a guy’s dick, it is called a blow job. The equivalent for a guy is to go down on a girl. I laid down on my bed and spread my legs. I motioned for Josh to get between my legs and go down on me. He was all too eager.

Josh is an expert and gently sucked on my clit and teased it with his tongue. Periodically, he would pump a finger in and out of my pussy. It didn’t take long before he was driving me crazy. I was pinching my nipples and rolled my head from side to side.

I looked over and to my surprise, Terri was leaning back against her headboard with her fingers buried in her pussy. That was enough to push me over the edge and I started to orgasm. Josh knew just how much pressure to exert to keep my orgasms rolling over me.

I wanted, no needed, Josh’s cock in me. I pulled him up and took his cock and positioned it at the entrance to my pussy. He paused for a moment just to tease me before sliding it deep inside me. Then he pulled it all the way out, paused and buried it in me again. I started to have another orgasm. Feeling me orgasm, he picked up the speed of his thrusts. I pulled my legs up higher and wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him into me.

When he looked over and saw naked Terri fingering herself, I felt him shutter and start to shoot his load of cum into my pussy. We lay there for a few moments enjoying the afterglow.

Terri was still playing with herself.

“Lay flat on your bed Terri, bend your knees, and spread your legs.” I told her.

She scooted down and bent her knees but didn’t spread her legs.

“Josh, let Terri experience the pleasures of your tongue.” I said.

He went to her bed. Using his hands, he spread her legs. She offered very little resistance. Then using his fingers, he stroked her pussy lips. She shuddered and had a wonton look in her eyes as she stared at what he was doing. He lowered his lips to her pussy and gently sucked on her clit. I could tell that Josh had her. I knew Josh was going to have her.

After what seemed like only a minute, Terri started Escort side to orgasm. Josh held her hips to his mouth as he so softly led her from one orgasm to the next.

As the orgasms started to subside, Josh moved up and whispered something in Terri’s ear. She paused for a second then reached down taking hold of his hard cock and placing it at the entrance to her wet pussy. He pushed ever so slowly forward as the head of his cock slid passed her pussy lips. A brief moment of resistance and then his cock continued to slide into the depths of her pussy until he was in all the way.

Josh began to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. Her hands wrapped around his back and I could see her nails digging into his back as she was overcome with sexual pleasure. Josh picked up speed and Terri couldn’t hold back any longer. Orgasms again raked her body. One right after another until I am sure she thought she could not take any more.

She felt Josh tense up and could feel his cock pulsing inside of her as he deposited his cum in her. As the waves subsided, he pulled out of Terri and then spooned her from the back. I went over to her bed, and got behind Josh and spooned then both.

We must have all fallen asleep as early the next morning, I woke and we were all in the same position. My awakening woke everyone and we took turns going to the bathroom. Terri was the last to get up and I expected when she came out of the bathroom that she would be dressed and was not sure the emotional state she would be in.

When she did came out of the bathroom, still naked, she was smiling and had a glow about her.

“I want to thank you both for last night. I don’t know how to properly say thanks.” She said.

Terri approached Josh and gave him a big hug and a long deep kiss.

“Josh, thank you for being so gentle with me last night. I never knew that a person could have orgasms that powerful. And don’t worry, I have no regrets.”

Terri reached down and took a hold of Josh’s cock. It immediately started to grow.

“Do you mind if I give Josh a Blow job?” She asked me.

With that, Terri dropped to her knees wrapping her fingers around his cock. She flicked her blond hair behind her shoulders. She kissed the head of it before sliding it over her lips and into her mouth. She pump her fingers and flicked her tongue over its head. She obviously was a quick study as Josh tensed up.

Knowing that he was moments away from spraying his cum he said with urgency “you had better take me out of your mouth unless you want me to cum there.”

But Terri kept her lips tightly around his cock and looked up into Josh’s eyes. Knowing what she was going to do, he could not hold back any longer. He started to squirt is cum into her mouth. She swallowed as more cum was deposited in her mouth with only a little bit trickling down her chin. When he finish, she let his cock slip from her lips and gave a smile of confidence and satisfaction.

Terri stood up and have me a long hug. Our naked bodies touching in a tight embrace. She turned her face to give me a peck on the cheek but I unknowingly turned at the same time, and her peck landed on my lips instead. It startled both of us but then Terri leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. A tender lingering kiss. It caught me off guard and I think I was in shock momentarily. I didn’t move.

“Thank you for sharing Josh with me and letting me learn about sex in such a caring environment.” She said breaking our embrace.

It ran through my brain that this was not going to be the last encounter between the three of us. With that thought, my body shuddered and my pussy twitched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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