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She couldn’t stop thinking about him for the rest of the week, but she was too embarrassed to actually ask him out again. She typed and untyped her messages many times, though never sent it across. Ah, why was she so weak?

It wasn’t like they weren’t talking to each other. He wished her a good morning every day, and they chatted about their day, both of them giggling away at the messages. They even started to sext a little, and Katie brushed scarlet at every time she saw messages like that, but she loved it just the same.

One evening, he finally asked her on a second date.

B: Hey, how’s your day been going?

A: Exhausted. How about you?

B: Missing you all day 😛

Then why aren’t you asking me out?! She thought, sipping on some wine as she paused her favourite show.

A: Yeah, right. I bet you’re too busy with your job to even think about anything.

B: I’m being honest, I really like you.

A: …

B: Yes?

A: I really like you, too.

B: Then how about we go out again this weekend?


A: I don’t know, I think I have plans.

B: You think? You’re messing with me, aren’t you?

A: Haha.

B: C’mon… I need to see you.

A: What do you want to do?

B: You should be the one to decide! You know the city better than me.

A: I don’t go on a lot of dates though… and I don’t really know what you do for fun.

B: I like hiking, yoga, art galleries, fine dining, nice wine, music, and theatre.

A: That sounds like a pretty fancy list.

B: I’m a pretty fancy guy 🙂

A: Let’s go to a nice restaurant then. I know a few in the area.

B: Sure, whatever you wish. I just want to see you.

A: That’s really cute.

B: You’re really cute. And like I said before, I need to kiss you harder. I totally missed out last time.

A: That makes me really nervous.

B: Why? Do I make you nervous?

A: I feel like I lost control last time.

B: I like it when you lose control. And I loved the sounds you were making.

A: I wasn’t making any sounds!!

B: Don’t try to deny it, baby 😉

A: I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

B: Am I making you too wet?

A: Joe!!

B: I’ll take that as a yes.

B: Can’t wait to see you, Ari.

A: I just sighed really loudly.

A: See you.

She wished she could properly respond to all the flirting, but all she could do was bashfully laugh it off, she was just too goddamn shy to do anything else. Maybe this was why all her relationships failed before. It was hard for her to show affection, and most of the time all she did was tease back. Though it was okay for them at first, they wanted more and more as time went on, and she was never able to provide more.

She continued to think about him the rest of the week, and when the time finally came, her heart was pumping out of control again. She stood at her mirror, and tried on the dresses she laid out. Which would be the perfect occasion for a restaurant that was that fancy? She settled on a lacey black dress, which she thought showed off her body pretty well. She put on some simple makeup, though adorned her eyelids with golden flakes. This would be quite the shock for him, since she was only going casual for their Tim Hortons date last time.

She let him pick her up this time, she always did this when she felt comfortable enough with the guy, especially knowing they were probably not going to murder her. He exited the door when he saw her, his face in a wide grin. “You look gorgeous.” He said.

“That’s sweet of you.” She smiled at him. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” He wore a navy suit on top of a black striped shirt, though he accented it with more casual pants to not be too overdressed.

“Aw, how sweet of you. Didn’t think you were the type to give out compliments.” He chuckled. She rolled her eyes, and entered the door he held open for her.

“What a gentleman, opening the car door for me.” She commented, tucking her dress into the car.

“I’ve got to when I’m dating such a princess.” He smirked in response.

“Dating, huh? We’re already dating on a second date?” She grinned back at him. Let the teasing begin. She thought.

“Maybe. What do you think?” He said, his eyebrows raised. It seemed he was feeling a little nervous himself. He turned the car on, and started to drive to the restaurant.

“Hmm…” She said, letting him suffer a little. When she finally responded, she responded with a question. “Do you usually ask girls this quickly?”

He genuinely thought about it for a few minutes, and shook his head. “No. I just… really like you.”

“So you’ve said.” She commented. “I guess we’re dating now, then.” She laughed. He faked a huge sigh of relief, though she could tell by his expression he was really feeling it. As he drove, he put his hand on her lap, his fingers making little circles on her thighs. She didn’t say anything, which made him feel even braver.

“I like how accessible your legs are this time.” He commented like it wasn’t vulgar at all.

She Side escort blushed, and looked out the window without a response. His needy hands moved slightly higher, and he circled her now with his long dark fingers, over and over again. Her breathing hitched slightly, though again, she said nothing. All she did was pretend the outside was the most interesting thing in the world, though she couldn’t see anything in the dark.

She could feel herself get slightly wet, her core tightening, but it wasn’t like she was going to admit anything. It’s just been so long since she’s been touched anywhere. And the way he touched her… it brought out something inside her she was still unfamiliar with.

She breathed out a huge sigh of relief when they finally got to the restaurant. “Looks good.” He said, commenting on the large building with the words ‘Manhattan’s’ in cursive on top.

“I’ve been here once before for my birthday, the food was really good.” She said.

He nodded and got out of the car, then proceeded to open the door for her again. “M’lady.”

She giggled. “You know you really don’t have to do this for me, I have hands.”

“I want to. Especially since I’ll be closer to you… and can do things like this.” He pressed her body against the car, and expertly placed his lips on hers, demanding that she opened them for him. She responded right away, and moaned into his mouth from the unexpected kiss. He brushed her hair, though tried not to ruin it from her hours of hard work trying to make it perfect. He bit her lip as he did, and she moaned again. They were interrupted by two other customers that walked by them, entering the restaurant. The woman had cleared her throat to remind them they were in public.

Joe chuckled and separated from her. “See, you do make little noises.” He said.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. You must’ve heard the wind.” They both looked around, it was a completely windless day.

“You were saying?” He said, his body still pressed against her.

“What about you, huh? What’s with the bulge in your pants?” She giggled.

He pressed it harder against her, and she stopped giggling immediately. “This one?” He said, looking down at her with darkened eyes. “I’m glad you can feel it.”

“We’re going to be arrested for this.” She said, changing the subject.

“It’ll be worth it.” He said, but before she could retort back, he put his hand around her’s, and lifted her body back up against where she rested on his car. “Come, let’s go eat. You must be famished from all the sweating I just made you do.”

She rolled her eyes, but followed him. God, what had she gotten herself into? The waiter nodded when he found their reservation, and they followed him in. Joe looked around, mesmerized. “What a nice place.” He whispered to her, his hand tightening slightly. There were chandeliers hanging from the roof, and little couch-based sitting areas for private dining. There was a live band playing in the corner, and a woman bellowed some Adele, showing off her skills.

They sat as the waiter left them, though Joe kept his hands wrapped around hers. “Nice choice.” He winked.

“I told you it was good. Never doubt me on anything regarding food.” She winked back.

“Then what do you recommend for the wine?” He asked, glancing down at the drinks menu.

“Ah, this is where I suffer slightly. I just buy cheap wine from the grocery store.” She admitted sheepishly.

He gasped out loud dramatically, and the lady at the next table scoffed at him. “How dare you?!” He said, standing up. “I have to leave. Right now.”

“Oh god, Joe. Sit down.” She grabbed his arm, and forced him down. “You have got to stop doing that.”

He laughed. “But you get so embarrassed and blushy when I do, it’s so cute.”

She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help but show that she was flattered. “Okay, you recommend something then.”

He studied the menu intently. “Well, what are we eating?” He asked. “I can’t possibly choose a wine if I don’t know what we’re pairing it with.”

“You sound so stuck up right now.” She smirked.

“You’ll see what I mean.” He replied.

“We’re having pizza, they have the absolute best pizza in town. Trust me.” She revealed.

He nodded, and looked at it again. “A Pinot Grigio will go well with a pesto-based pizza, or a Zinfandel, the richer the red sauce with the pizza dish, the more tangy and bold you want the red wine to be. Maybe a chardonnay, a good white wine.”

She studied him, her expression intense. “What?” He asked, looking up at her.

She shrugged. “I always liked when guys were focused on something, and very knowledgeable about the things they cared about.”

“I bet you love it more when they’re focused on you.” He commented, smirking.

She blushed, like what he said was completely spot on. She was saved by the waiter, who asked them for their drink order.

The evening passed by as well as it did on their first date. The two of them laughed away from each other’s jokes, and spent their time sharing an appetizer Side escort bayan and a large pizza, which had prosciutto, spinach, and balsamic vinegar. Joe almost moaned out loud from how good it was, and Katie laughed out loud at that. She was always right. Well, about food at least. When they were finally done, they both insisted on paying for the meal, but Joe won the battle this time, claiming that he was the one who ordered the expensive wine.

They held hands as they left the restaurant, and Katie spent the whole 1 minute walk thinking about whether he was going to slam her against the car again, and whether she wanted him to do that. He didn’t though, and just let her in before closing the door behind her.

Before she could even settle properly in her seat, his hands were back on her lap, a possessive gesture she realized, though something she didn’t mind. At all.

It felt like only a few seconds before they arrived at her house, and she looked a little disappointed, which was clearly noticed by Joe. “Sad that the date is ending so soon?” He asked, tilting her chin up as he turned the engine off.

She shook her head, moving his fingers along. “No. Not at all, can’t wait to spend the rest of the night alone, deep in my own thoughts.” She teased.

“I think all of that would be much funner if accompanied by me.” He commented, his eyebrows shooting up.

“Hmm… maybe.” She said, and he placed his lips on her. She wondered if he would do more than that, after he had expressed how disappointed he was with himself multiple times after the simple peck last time. He did, he pressed into her harder, his lips playing against hers as they moved against each other. It was frustrating though, there were car mechanics between them, making them unable to press their bodies against each other. The only thing she could do was brush her fingers into his hair, pressing his face into hers more.

“Joe…” She said, moaning into him. He could practically smell the need on her.

He parted from her, his lips still coated in her saliva. “Yes?” He asked innocently.

She groaned, and leaned back against the chair, breathing heavily. “You’re so annoying!” She exclaimed.

“Why?” He asked, and brushed the hair he had just messed up behind her ear.

“You know why.” She said, huffing.

“I can’t know if you don’t explain…” He said matter-of-factly.

“Do you want to come inside?” She said abruptly, her large brown eyes staring at him like a doe.

“I thought you wouldn’t ask.” He smirked, and immediately got off of the car. This time, she led him into the house, and he waited patiently as she opened the door for him.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” She said, watching his reaction. She had rows and rows of bookshelves in her living room, covered in memorabilia and collectables from all the TV shows, books, and movies she loved. There were multiple cushions and blankets scattered on top of the couch, and a large flat screen TV facing it.

On the other side of the room, her open kitchen was decently sized, and she had a list of the food she would be making for the following week and a grocery list pasted on her fridge. “Very organized.” He said.

She huffed. “That’s all? I’m organized? Come on, it looks awesome!” She said.

He chuckled. “Okay, it does. I’m kind of jealous. Mine’s shit compared to yours.”

“I’ll teach you some day.” She exclaimed.

“Why not teach me now?” He asked. “Is it because we’re busy doing something else?” The heat between them seemed to rise a few degrees at that. How could he make just one sentence sound so dirty on his lips?

“Do you want to do something else?” She asked him in return.

“Not something. Someone.” He emphasized. Her cheeks began to turn a brighter shade of red. He took a few steps forwards, and leaned his body against hers, pinning her between him and the wall. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

He continued their makeout session in the car, though he reached for her neck first this time. He sucked at it immediately, first right under her chin, and then lower and lower. She placed her hands on his shoulders, her breathing hitching once or twice from the treatment. He already knew she was very sensitive on her neck, and was fully taking advantage of that.

RIght at the collarbone, he sucked hard, and she gasped out loud in response. “That’s going to make a mark.” She groaned out.

“Good. Then people will know you’re mine.” He replied. He greedily pulled her dress down, revealing her breasts encased by a black lacey bra. “Very nice.” He commented, and placed his mouth around a nipple, right on top of the bra. She moaned, and dug her nails into his shoulder. “You’re so sensitive, Katie.” He commented, letting go of her nipple to tease the other one. “Even over this bra…” He murmured.

“I haven’t been touched in so long…” She moaned back, her mind starting to become more and more hazy. He let go of her, and she grunted slightly in frustration. He wouldn’t be leaving her hanging for long though, he pushed her onto the couch, and she fell Escort side back onto it, her whole body exposed to him.

He pulled her dress off of her, and threw it to the other side of the room. She would not be getting it back anytime soon. “God, you’re so fucking hot.” He commented, staring down at the curves of her body, finally revealed to him. And her skin… it was so smooth and delicate. He felt like he could crush her just being on top of her.

He took his shirt off, needing more access to her skin against his. She stared at him with hooded eyes, and watched as he placed his body on top of hers. He moved then… lower and lower with his lips as he nibbled her stomach, exploring the different parts of her body and how she reacted to it.

As he did, he placed his finger against her lower lips, and hissed out loud. He looked up at her from her stomach, his eyes darker than ever. “You’re so fucking wet for me.” He commented. He pushed his fingers against her panties, feeling the wetness.

“I’m sensitive…” Was all she could say in return. He needed to feel more of it, he placed his long fingers underneath her panties, and felt the sticky gooey mess she had already created. He couldn’t wait to feel himself inside of her. He shoved his index and middle finger into her, and she moaned loudly, not expecting it. “Oh my god!” She cried out.

“You’re so tight, too. God I’m going to destroy you.” He said.

“Go easy on me…” The fact that she said that meant she was interested in going all the way tonight, that was all the indication he needed. He pulled her panties off, and saw her neatly trimmed pussy, he wondered absent-mindedly if she had done that expecting him to see it tonight. It made him so much hornier just thinking about it.

“Look at how trimmed you are… good girl.” He said.

She moaned out loud at his words. He knew it. The words were a way of testing her, seeing if she liked words like. The fact that she moaned from his words alone… she was a submissive, she liked being called a good girl, it was obvious to him now. It was why she was being coy, letting him make all the moves as she responded to him. It all made sense.

He was beyond hard. He pulled his pants and boxers off of his body, and his dick sprang up. She leaned forwards to see him, and smiled at him as she saw his pulsing hard black dick, its veins twitching in anticipation. “You like what you see?” He asked, his fingers circling around the base.

She didn’t reply, though shifted on the sofa to make herself more accessible to him. He pressed himself against her again, his face just inches from hers. Their eyes were staring at each other, and she had to close it after a few seconds from how intense it was. “I’m about to pound into you and you still can’t look at me in the eye?” He said coyly.

She shook her head. “It’s hard…”

“I know it’s hard.” He said, as he grazed his dick against her lips. She could feel just how hard he was. He slipped into her slightly, and she gasped out loud. God, he was already spreading her wide open. He then pulled out, and she stared at him.

“Why did you stop?” She asked, already frustrated.

He ignored her and did the same thing again, just the tip, and then he exited.

“Joe!” Again, though he pushed in more. Ah! It felt so good with every stroke, but all she wanted to do was get pounded.

“Why are you doing this?” She said impatiently.

“Why? Are you getting frustrated?” He finally responded.

“Yes. Just do it already!” She almost yelled.

“I don’t know if you really want it enough.” He said coyly. “You seem completely fine to me.” So this was the game he was playing. She looked up at the ceiling, trying to pretend it wasn’t getting to her. God, it’s been so long, she wanted it so bad. But she had a hard time admitting it… and the fact that he was making her do so, it was so crazy hot for her, she could feel her pussy wetting itself around him just thinking about it. The fact that she needed it so bad she could go above her shyness to beg for him to fuck her. Oh god…

“I’m not fine.” She said finally, after he did it to her two more times. “I’m clearly not fine, I’m clenching around you so much, I’m sure you can feel it.”

He nodded. “I can feel it.”

“How is this not killing you?” She asked, trying to make him admit it as well.

“Stop trying to make conversation and ask me for my dick. Come on, be a good girl for me.” Those words again, she shivered at those two simple words. Good. Girl. How did he already read her so well? She’s never told him her inner thoughts.

“Please fuck me.” She whispered, looking away.

He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “What? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Please fuck me.” She said louder.

“Not good enough.” He replied. What could he possibly want from her?

“Please Joe, give me your hard cock now!” She said, her face completely crimson from such dirty words. He complied immediately, and slammed hard into her. It was so easy from how wet she was. She screamed out, feeling her walls expand from the hard object inside of her. Her mouth opened in a wide ‘O’ and all she could do was take his pounding, his dick entering her over and over again. She had forgotten how fucking good sex could feel, and she could already feel herself get addicted to his dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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